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Mortgage balances went down over 2014 Q2, but they're still higher than 2013.

Mortgage Balances Down Over 2014 Q2, But Still Higher Than 2013

People across the country are paying down their mortgages and taking out home equity lines, but they aren't using them just yet, aaccording to the Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends Report. Number and … [Read More...]

The trend of growing credit card balances continues.

Credit Card Balances Continue to Grow as Consumer Confidence Rises

Consumer borrowing on credit cards continues its monthly upward trend, according to the Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends Report. The report also found that more people are using credit cards and … [Read More...]

California EZ

California EZ – Third Party Vouchering

Some good news in the “wind-down” of the California Enterprise Zone Program! The California HCD has assigned third-party agents to continue vouchering for all Los Angeles zones as of September 1, 2014 through … [Read More...]

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More Industry Highlights