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Cable and Big Data: A Match Made in Information Heaven

Consider cable and big data the "it" couple in information. When combined, the two are making sweet music together for cable providers. As big data is culled, categorized and analyzed by cable companies, the … [Read More...]

WOTC legislation sign

WOTC Renewal – Expire Act Stalled

There have been recent rumors that a new path for WOTC renewal might be attached to a bill on the Senate floor for providing emergency funding for the highway trust fund.  While every avenue for WOTC renewal … [Read More...]

credit cards

Debit or Credit? Shifting Payment Methods Represent Opportunity for Banks

New data is pointing to a changing attitude toward credit these days, especially among the Generation Y. Also known as "Millennials" with birth dates between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, this group has … [Read More...]

More Industry Highlights

More Industry Highlights