1 Source, 1 Channel, 1 View – Faster, More Confident Decisions


Decision-making is one of the most critical parts of doing business, yet it often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. As more and more information becomes readily available at our fingertips, making sense of the vast amounts of data and using it to fuel the decision-making engine becomes vitally important.   Getting a TotalView of [Read More…]

Mortgage News Network Interview with Equifax Expert Rosie Biundo


Mortgage News Network’s Phil Hall sat with Rosie Biundo, Senior Director, Equifax Mortgage Services, at the recent MBA Annual Convention & Expo to discuss the latest issues in the mortgage industry such as HELOC resets and upcoming regulatory changes.  Click the video below to view excerpts from the interview.

Questions are the Answer for Millennials in Auto Finance

Millennial Car Buying

The next generation of car buyers is walking through showroom doors with mounds of student debt and thin credit files, making creditworthiness particularly challenging to discern. For dealers looking to better serve the swiftly growing millennial market, Equifax’s resident auto marketing expert Jenn Reid recently shared practical advice with Car Biz Today on how to help align this growing customer base with the [Read More…]

Beyond Credit Scores in Subprime Auto Loans

auto trust verify subprime

We’re gearing up for Used Car Week in Las Vegas Nov. 10-14 and all things subprime vehicle lending. Even with more stringent and strict regulatory enforcement by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, subprime auto loans account for about 32% of approved originations. As the subprime vehicle market continues to grow, “trust but verify” is good [Read More…]

Not Yesterday’s Subprime Auto Loan – Economic Trends Commentary

The automotive finance industry has received a great deal of attention recently around the topic of subprime lending, which typically assumes a highly negative tone. After finding that surprisingly little data on this topic is shared with the press, our Chief Economist, Amy Crews Cutts, and Deputy Chief Economist, Dennis Carlson, set out to explore whether [Read More…]

Is There a Subprime Auto Loan Bubble Forming? Equifax Economists Respond.

auto subprime bubble

As we look forward to Used Car Week in Las Vegas Nov. 10-14, we anticipate many conversations to take shape around claims of a bubble forming in subprime auto loans.  Our #subprime experts will surely be engaging in the conversations around the current state of subprime auto loans. And we’ll rely on the facts and [Read More…]

Enhance Marketing Efficiency by Leveraging Big Data

marketing efficiency

In recent years, marketing has become significantly data-driven across many industries. However, many financial services firms have only begun to scrape the surface when it comes to leveraging the full power of big data. Most banks do rely on their existing firm data to plan marketing campaigns, but they can significantly enhance marketing efficiency if [Read More…]

Video Series: Best Practices for Mortgage Prescreening

prescreen direct with property

According to Equifax, more than 63% of consumer finance loans today are high risk. This means accurately targeting prospective borrowers and making appropriate offers is more critical than ever. Additionally, rising interest rates have caused mortgage refinance rates to drop, and as a result, lenders are looking for more effective ways to generate new revenues [Read More…]

Marketing Segmentation: The Perils of an Incomplete System

Marketing Segmentation Image

Marketing segmentation can be compared to the role of a pilot: Without enough — or correct — data, he could be left flying blind. While segmentation can create a comprehensive framework for the “who, where and what” of marketing, if you’re working with weak data, you might end up wasting precious marketing dollars. By combining [Read More…]

Equifax Named a 2014 “Top 50 Service Provider” by Mortgage Technology Magazine


Equifax is proud to announce its inclusion as a 2014 “Top 50 Service Provider” by Mortgage Technology magazine. The listing cited the company’s Spectrum Verification Services Platform, which provides a central hub for lenders to access the full suite of verification reports through a single Web interface or system integration. In addition to Spectrum, Equifax [Read More…]