4 Ways Credit Unions Can Help Reduce Fraud without Losing Customers

As credit unions seek to provide greater convenience and fewer barriers for new customers, fraud is on the rise. But there are strategies to help head it off. Today, customers prioritize convenience. They want fewer barriers to accessing the products and services they want. Credit union members are no different. To serve that demand for [Read More…]

Debt-to Earning Measures Becoming More Vital to Institution Programs

Institutions should take into account how the Department of Education calculates the Debt-to Earnings ratio and should take the necessary steps to make sure their calculations are accurate. The Department of Education will be providing institutions with lists of students that will be included in the Gainful Employment program later in 2015. Institutions will then [Read More…]

We hope to see you at the Auto Finance Summit!

Planning on attending the Auto Finance Summit in October? Stop by and see us! Equifax will be exhibiting at booth #170 and we’d love to chat with you! We’ll be talking about what’s going on in the auto lending space and how our solutions can help you: Attract and capture the right customers with preferred [Read More…]

Intelligent UI Claims: Southwest Airlines Shows How

Southwest Airlines recently gave tips and techniques for moving towards an intelligent UI claims response process — and saving millions of dollars. Kevin Minchey, Labor & Employment Attorney at Southwest Airlines, was guest speaker at a webinar, “Intelligent Unemployment Claims Response and Cost Management,” where he spoke to the use of technology to improve the UI claims response. [Read More…]

I-9 Compliance Webinar: E-Verify Deadline – Will Congress Act in Time to Keep It Live?

In this upcoming webinar, we’ll address the deadline for reauthorization of E-Verify®, along with a number of other updates related to E-Verify and I-9 Compliance. Well known labor law attorney Montserrat Miller, Partner at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, will talk about the possible paths to reauthorization of E-Verify as the deadline looms. Congress must pass a [Read More…]

The Cool Technology That Powers Mobility Plus™

Buzz about the launch of the Mobility Plus™ household engagement solution earlier this year has focused largely on what consumers and bankers can see, such as the easy-to-navigate mobile interface that helps enable consumers to apply for deposit accounts without going to a bricks-and-mortar branch. But what’s behind the new solution – cutting-edge technology that helps [Read More…]

Millennials, Mortgages and Student Debt

Student Debt is One of the Reasons Young Adults Are Now Less Likely to Borrow Money to Buy a Home Twenty-somethings are not borrowing money to buy homes at the rate they were a decade ago—a trend that may have as much to do with high levels of student debt and poor job prospects as [Read More…]

Gainful Employment Rule Survives For-Profit Group’s Court Challenge

A federal judge on Tuesday, June 23 rejected a serious legal challenge, brought by the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, to the controversial Gainful Employment rule. The lobbying group’s lawsuit was the highest hurdle remaining for the proposed Gainful Employment rule, which will judge career-oriented programs on their graduates’ ability to repay their [Read More…]

CFPB proposed “Ability-to-Repay” Rules in Short-term Lending – The Need for Income and Employment Verification

During a recent Equifax webinar discussing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) proposed rules in short-term lending; the majority of the participants indicated that they currently require income information as part of the loan origination process (poll 1), yet two thirds of the participants indicated that they were relying on borrower-furnished income and employment information. [Read More…]

More Effective Cross-Selling In Seconds

It’s the simplest strategy to boost revenue potential: Offer the right customers the right product at the right time at the right price. It is the essence of cross-selling, yet what sounds simple in theory is often more difficult to execute in real life. Financial institutions have discovered that making the cross-sell at the point [Read More…]