Webinar: Best Practices for QM/ATR Compliance

Mortgage Keys

Increasing home prices and values are increasing the demand for home equity lending. The recent changes to Qualified Mortgage/Ability to Repay (QM/ATR) have established new underwriting standards, impacting how lenders evaluate and qualify prospective borrowers. Join us for a free webinar where a team of experts, including a senior manager of regulation and compliance at Equifax, [Read More...]

Automotive Fraud: Income Misrepresentation

Income Misrepresentation

Automakers are back on top, showing their best sales in 8 years. Consumers who previously struggled to free up the capital for a car loan are able to qualify again. Still, just because some consumers are playing nice with the auto industry, doesn’t mean all are. In a recent research study, Equifax found that almost [Read More...]

Key Auto Market Trends for 2014

auto buying trends

Will buyers flock to showrooms to buy new vehicles this year? Market optimists seem to think so. And most who attended the North American International Auto Show are utterly ebullient. But those who believe the glass is half empty say trends are heading in the opposite direction. Key factors pushing sales up: Rising pent-up demand [Read More...]

Alternative Data for Subprime Auto Lending


The appetite for subprime auto lending has returned.  Delinquencies are falling, and finance policies have loosened from the restrictive standards seen at the height of the recession.  But to protect your loan portfolio and gain better insight into your customers, you’ll need better data, smarter risk metrics and dead-on pricing. A case study A client [Read More...]

Join Equifax at CBA Live 2014 to learn innovative ways to acquire new customers and grow wallet share

Equifax speakers will join industry experts during four panels at CBA Live to provide valuable insight into the retail banking and automotive industries. Monday, March 31, 9 a.m. – Pre-Conference Session: Emerging Wealth Trends:  What are the Impacts? – Isio Nelson Monday, March 31, 4 p.m. – Deposit & Payments Forum: Big Data and Cross-Channel [Read More...]

FHA Guidance on eSignatures a Close Match to Industry Practices


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) now accepts electronic signatures (eSignatures) on many more loan documents based on a set of guidelines that closely track industry-standard best practices.  Effective immediately, the Federal Housing Agency (FHA) will accept eSignatures on servicing and loss mitigation documents, as well as IRS Form 4506-T, FHA insurance claims, REO sales contracts [Read More...]

Just announced! Equifax and Whole Foods Market will speak on the ACA at the 2014 HR Tech Conference

Conference Presentation

Early details of the 2014 HR Technology Conference were released this week and Equifax is honored to be featured as one of the premier speakers for the October event. We’ll join client Whole Foods Market to share how they are leveraging technology to manage the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and avoid compliance risks. We’ll also [Read More...]

Webinar: Automotive credit and lending outlook – 2014 trends, challenges and remedies

Auto Outlook

The automotive industry is emerging from the financial crisis stronger than ever, and there are many opportunities ahead.  But times are different than they once were, and the industry is faced with a new consumer landscape. Join us, along with Chris deRitis, Senior Direct at Moody’s Analytics, for a Webinar to get the latest on [Read More...]

Credit scores don’t tell the entire story for vehicle buyers in Subprime Auto Lending


A new approach to the 3 C’s offers a deeper, more accurate view of risk for subprime auto lending Auto lenders are revising their marketing and risk assessment strategies, looking for ways to securely tap into this expanding market opportunity. That means they must find the fastest path to reaching the right consumers, at the [Read More...]

Use Alternative Data to Improve Quality of Retail Banking Acquisitions

cell w hand

To attract a high-value pool of customers, retail bankers typically analyze financial data and credit profiles. But many professionals in the banking industry are beginning to realize that they need to take a new approach — one that goes beyond traditional credit analysis. Limiting data collections to bank history and credit reports doesn’t provide a [Read More...]