Three Ways to Help a Friend Back to Work

With 2.2 M people still stuck in long term unemployment and another 6 M hoping to get back into the labor force, we all tend to know someone who’s struggling to land a job. Many of us, especially those of us in jobs that touch workforce topics, such as HR or unemployment, are expected to [Read More…]

Did You Know: Wealthy Baby Boomers – Where Do They Live?

Despite the recent focus on Millennials, Baby Boomer households (born between 1946 and 1964) represent both the largest portion of the nation’s household population (37.5%) and investable assets (45.5%). In total, they hold $14.5 trillion (yes, trillion!) in investable assets. This month, we decided to take a look at estimated average investable assets for Baby [Read More…]

We hope to see you at the NADA Convention!

Equifax is headed to the 2016 NADA convention and we hope to see you there!  At this year’s conference, we’ll be showcasing our latest insights for the automotive industry, including our Income and Employment Verification. Leveraging instant verifications from Equifax, dealers can: Improve the customer experience Reduce reliance on applicant-provided paystubs Speed up the delivery [Read More…]

Find Key Members and Help Provide the Right Message at the Right Time

If your organization is like most credit unions, then your marketing team likely finds it difficult to identify your key members and prospects, much less figure out how to appropriately meet their needs.  Even with internal analytics that are enhanced with metrics such as demographics, credit-worthiness, and income, many credit unions find it difficult to [Read More…]

Patient ID Matching: Finding John Doe

Equifax VP of Healthcare Strategy and Business Development, Michael Nelson, was recently quoted in Journal of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), a leading healthcare professional association, discussing solutions to help improve patient ID matching. Nelson discusses how identity matching is solved in other industries that have multiple interactions with consumers – such as financial services or telecommunications. [Read More…]

Is It Time to Revisit Your Deposit Account Risk Assessment Model?

Yes, according to industry regulators. In an industry where change seems to be one of the few constants anymore, financial institutions are now facing pressure to modify their long-standing risk assessment practices of deposit accounts. More specifically, industry regulators want financial institutions to move away from a decisioning process fueled by negative financial data to [Read More…]

SSA Selects Equifax to Strengthen Identity Verification

Equifax recently announced that it has completed integration with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to supply identity proofing and account, address and mobile device ID verification to help mange risk and mitigate fraud for the SSA’s my Social Security system, a personalized portal for customers to access some of SSA’s services such as the online [Read More…]

Mobile Banking: Tackling Fraud without the Friction

Equifax retail banking leader, Brad Jones, was recently published in BAI Banking Strategies discussing best practices for balancing an environment of escalating fraud risks with a good customer experience during online and mobile banking. A decade ago…70% to 80% of the accounts opened online were fraudulent.  The rise of mobile devices means the banking industry is again dealing [Read More…]