Employers: Do you REALLY have all your bases covered for the ACA? Here are the top 10 things you must consider before it’s too late.

ACA Questions

By now, you should have your processes and systems in place to manage the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, this doesn’t mean that you have all your bases covered. There are many things that your organization may not be considering… and even the slightest oversight can translate into significant fines and risks. To ensure compliance [Read More...]

INFOGRAPHIC: Employee Turnover Trends in 2013

Revolving Door Turnover

Leveraging our exclusive data assets, Equifax has assembled an infographic capturing key employee turnover trends that emerged in 2013 from the more than 48 million job separations that took place. Our proprietary Equifax Workforce Insights, based on aggregate transactional employment data rather than self-reported surveys, show a growing trend in voluntary turnover, with a year-over-year increase of 3.5%. [Read More...]

Renowned “Moneyball” Subject Paul DePodesta to Keynote at FORUM 2014


Equifax Workforce Solutions is thrilled to announce that Moneyball subject and entrepreneur, Paul DePodesta, will be delivering the opening keynote address at Workforce Solutions FORUM 2014, our annual conference held exclusively for clients of Equifax Workforce Solutions. Paul has made a career of evaluating, measuring and assigning value to talent in Major League Baseball for over 25 [Read More...]

WEBINAR: ACA Look-Back Periods & Reporting for Employers

Health Care Reform ACA

The final ACA regulations are here. Are you prepared? For most large employers, the final ACA regulations provide more clarity around determining eligibility for different types of employees such as variable-hour, temporary, part-time, and seasonal workers. It also provides guidelines around IRS reporting under sections 6055 and 6056. While more guidance has been issued around [Read More...]

ACA Look Back Periods & Higher Education


ACA Look Back Periods. Is your institution prepared?  The final ACA regulations have been issued, but what does this mean to colleges and universities? For most, it means more clarity around determining eligibility for different types of employees such as adjunct faculty and student workers. While this provides more guidance around what hours count towards eligibility, [Read More...]

Blazing Hot in Arizona and Beyond — Immigration Policy & Your Workforce #FORUM14


If the topic of immigration policy and reform makes you feel like you are in the hot seat, rest assured you are not alone. At Equifax Workforce Solutions’ FORUM 2014, happening in Scottsdale, AZ, March 31 – April 4, gain insight from all angles regarding your company’s compliance with U.S. immigration laws. Starting with the Form [Read More...]

WEBINAR: UI Integrity Update – Identifying Improper Claims


With the recent adoption of a new UI Integrity mandate, we are pleased to present the next webinar in a series detailing this new legislation and its impact on employers. Moving forward, unemployment claims response is no longer an issue of whether or not to protest a claim. Under the new mandate, employers are required [Read More...]

Don’t Miss Out – Finding “Hidden” Tax Credits

Money on Table

Are you leaving money on the table? Dozens of tax credit opportunities are going unnoticed today. To learn about these overlooked opportunities, please join our Senior Director Jason Fry and Senior Tax Manager Julie Dietz as they address federal and state-level developments such as the recent changes to the California Enterprise Zone, and highlight applicable [Read More...]

The Most Important Countdown to an Employer’s Bottom Line: Are you prepared for ACA?

ACA Compliance

The  clock is ticking on the amount of time employers have to figure out their ACA game plan. Many employers gave a sigh of relief as they thought the pressure to deal with the complicated regulations surrounding their workforce strategy was lifted from their shoulders when the Employer Mandate was delayed by one year, now [Read More...]

Compliance Storm: Overview of Legal and Regulatory Challenges Facing HR in 2014

Compliance Ahead

Employers are facing even greater challenges through rapidly evolving legislation around employee and workforce compliance. Join Chad Richter, a leading labor attorney with Jackson Lewis, as he shares valuable insights and an expert review of the key compliance challenges employers will face in the new year. Along with Julia Bailey, Sr. Director of Product Management [Read More...]