Jeff Knott, AVP, Product Management – Equifax Verification Services

About Jeff Knott

Jeff Knott is assistant vice president at Equifax Verification Services. He is a recognized leader in driving business strategies and product innovation. Knott champions emerging technologies, promotes consumer engagement, advocates change and encourages the partnership between the private sector and government. Knott also serves as Vice Chairman of the Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA), the premier global trade association focused on the advancement of electronic signatures and records.

Online Lending Best Practices

Progressive Authentication

The online lending marketplace is a rapidly evolving environment that will continue to grow and change.  Online marketplaces are transforming the way in which lending transactions take place, creating value for both lenders and borrowers alike.  But just like traditional lending practices, this new era of lending is accompanied by challenges that can’t be ignored. [Read More…]

2014 Farm Bill Requires New Report to Prove SNAP Benefits Not Paid to the Deceased

Agricultural Bill

A provision of the 2014 Farm Bill requires agencies to submit a report to the USDA to prove they haven’t issued benefits to the deceased. Section 4032 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, “Annual State report on verification of SNAP participation,” says that agencies must submit a report to the Secretary of Agriculture …containing sufficient [Read More…]

FHA Expands Acceptance of eSignatures

FHA eSignature

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) recently expanded its acceptance of electronic signatures (eSignatures) on documents associated with mortgage loans.  The new policy allows for eSignatures on origination, servicing and loss mitigation documents, as well as FHA insurance claims, REO sales contracts and related addenda.  eSignatures are still not allowed on the mortgage note itself, but [Read More…]