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Healthcare fraud is estimated at $60-70 billion a year and medical identity theft and subsequent fraud rose by 20 percent in 2013. Most cybersecurity experts agree that secure identity proofing of patients and care givers is an essential first step towards protecting the security and privacy of sensitive data and mitigating fraud. As the leader [Read More...]

Government Big Data & Identity Intelligence


We were just at the Government Big Data and BI Summit where we presented on applying fraud lessons from the financial sector to agency program integrity and using big data to improve identity intelligence. Trends in fraud management in the commercial sector have evolved as fraudsters have become more sophisticated about hiding under a stolen [Read More...]

Data for KBA Questions Matters


News about data breaches seems to be never-ending over the past few years. One of the latest is the major customer identities hack of Adobe Software and news that 38 million customer accounts were exposed.  Along with other high profile breaches, the exposure of so much data that can be used to impersonate someone invites [Read More...]

Business Continuity through Authentication Flexibility


The Federal Emergency Management Agency defines business continuity this way, “Continuity includes all activities conducted by jurisdictions to ensure that their essential functions can be performed. This includes plans and procedures that delineate essential functions, specify succession to office and emergency delegation of authority, provide for the safekeeping of vital records and databases, identify alternate [Read More...]

Expanding Risk-based Authentication

ATLANTA, September 20, 2013 — Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX), a leading provider of identity authentication services and fraud mitigation solutions, announces the expansion of risk-based authentication capabilities within the Identity and Fraud product suite. Trends show that businesses want to improve the end user experience and reduce intrusive authentication methods while still maintaining security for [Read More...]

Securely Sharing Information Across Organizational Boundries


The law enforcement community has in the past been encumbered by the inability to trust the electronic identity of individuals in information sharing solutions, but has always had a real need to share sensitive information with first responders and other agencies. With strong authentication and secure remote identity proofing, officials can now trust that remote [Read More...]

Fraud Defense – Layered Security and Identity Intelligence


We have seen over and over that the foundation of identity security and fraud prevention is knowing who really has access to your critical or sensitive systems. Over the past few years, security and identity management analysts have been cautioning about the need for layered defenses against fraud. In particular, experts are calling for a [Read More...]

Identifying the organization, not just the people – Entity ID

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Tracking who has access to organizational networks, systems and data—and being able to prove this in a way that is difficult or impossible to repudiate—is an important component of operating a secure computing environment. For many business processes you need to know not just the individual person, but that the organization you are doing business [Read More...]

Using Big Data and Identity Intelligence to Nix Fraud


Join us for a complimentary webinar with Information Security Media Group: Using Big Data and Identity Intelligence to Nix Fraud. Combating identity-based fraud on the scale of millions of applicants is challenging, but federal and state agencies must do it regularly. The key to success: A multi-phase approach is best – one that encompasses identity [Read More...]