Selling Mortgage Loans? Time to Brush Up on the New Laws

October Flash Report

Under the Dodd-Frank Act, mortgage loans now require stricter qualifications from lenders prior to approval to meet compliance standards.

Time Series Data: Capture Trends to Boost Your Business

Capturing Trends

Time series data highlights critical trends for any business looking to mitigate risk.

Lenders, Don’t Let Reduced Mortgage Fraud Rates Fool You


With mortgage fraud on the decline, many banks are eagerly opening their vaults again to borrowers. While this information is good news for most…

Is the Interest-Only Mortgage Making a Comeback?


The interest only mortgage is staging its comeback in many areas throughout the US. With real estate inventory low in key areas, and buyers buying at…

Credit Reports Fail During Origination Process


During the mortgage origination process, lenders utilize credit reports in two instances. It is often the first indication of an individual’s…

Verification of Insurance: Slowing Down the Buying Process


Verification of insurance is a requirement that many mortgage borrowers will face in the coming months. That’s because Fannie Mae has increased the…

Default Management: Digging Deeper to Reduce Risk


Default management is the one area every financial institution focuses on with each loan application that lands in its desks. Managing default is rarely…

VOHI Is Essential but Not Easy for Many Lenders


VOHI, or verification of hazard insurance, is a critical step in the credit lending process, but making sure you have the right coverage isn’t easy.

Low- and High-Risk Whole Loan Selection: Getting a Clear Picture


Profiling whole loan pools is an essential process for today’s lenders. Lenders must make wise credit-lending decisions.