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Mass Inheritance: Here’s What The Next Generation Of Wealth Wants From Their Bank

Financial gurus are calling it “the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history.” “It” is the estimated $59 billion will be transferred from older generations to younger ones all the way out to 2061, according to recent data from Boston College’s Center of Wealth and Philanthropy1. In the short-term, economists expect about $30 million of [Read More…]

Automate State-Required Notifications to Streamline Onboarding

As the number of state employment laws and notification forms employers must distribute to new employees continues to grow, employers are challenged with the changing requirements and overwhelming number of forms they must manage.  With the trends of state required wage, sick leave, pregnancy accommodation and other new hire notifications on the rise employers are [Read More…]

Driving Innovation and Compliance to Las Vegas!

There is no better place to learn about the cutting-edge advancements in HR technology than at the 18th Annual HR Technology Conference and Expo. Today organizations are faced with more rigorous governmental regulations than ever before.  So adopting technological solutions to help ensure compliance is an absolute must. In less than two weeks, thousands of [Read More…]

The Art of Engagement Using the Science of Numbers

In a market filled with competitive players and ever-changing customer behavior, providers of wireless, wireline or pay TV services are under intense pressure to find profitable subscribers, reduce churn, and effectively manage long-term relationships. Without a solid understanding of who those profitable subscribers are, what share of wallet has been captured, and strategies for maintaining [Read More…]

I-9 Anywhere Named a Top HR Product of 2015 by HRE

I-9 Anywhere has been named a Top HR Product of 2015 by Human Resource Executive. I-9 Anywhere is a trans-formative solution that helps employers streamline their I-9 process around their increasingly dispersed workforce by offering flexibility in program design and advanced mobile support, helping to improve compliance through an accurate and secure workflow. The Human Resource Executive ‘Top [Read More…]

A Dispersed Workforce Brings Remote I-9 Challenges – Here Are Some Best Practices

A Growing Dispersed Workforce Brings Expanding Risk More and more companies are developing a dispersed workforce, creating additional onboarding risks as it relates to Form I-9. Requirements state that all employees be in front of a Section 2 completer, because the employer must physically inspect the documents and complete the attestation under penalty of perjury within three business [Read More…]

Equifax Reaches I-9 Milestone – 21 Million Forms I-9 Processed

We tip our hats to our loyal clients who have helped Equifax Workforce Solutions achieve the remarkable milestone of 21 million processed Forms I-9.  The Equifax I-9 Management solution was designed to help employers overcome common challenges, such as missing or incomplete forms due to onerous paper-based processes, by automating Form I-9 completion and enabling electronic [Read More…]

Form I-9 Compliance – A Growing Concern in Healthcare

Immigration has been a key political topic for a number of years.  If the early presidential rhetoric is indicative of what’s in store for 2016, it’s not likely to go away anytime soon.  U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been the tip of the immigration enforcement spear for just as many years with raids, E-Verify, [Read More…]

Leverage Restaurant Data for Better Guest Engagement

Restaurant marketers recently convened for a webinar  about “Reaching for Restaurant Bliss”. The aim was for ways for restaurants to leverage the wealth of their in-house POS data for Customer Engagement marketing activities and enterprise-wide decisions. Equifax can help clients take advantage of their internal data, enhanced with economic data, to create a more comprehensive [Read More…]