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Remote Access — Do You Know Who Is In Your Data?

remote user

Just over 80 percent of HR managers in a recent survey gave their agencies a grade of B or C for progress in meeting the Telework Enhancement Act’s goals of using telework to achieve greater flexibility in workforce management Letting workers access sensitive systems and data from off-site locations and, potentially, using uncontrolled devices raises a [Read More...]

Protecting Employee Data During “Verification Season”

Employment Verification Seasons

A current TV ad for home security systems uses the phrase “vacation season is break-in season,” reminding homeowners of the increase in burglaries that occur when families embark on summer vacations.  In the world of information security, data thieves don’t necessarily have a season, but they can capitalize on lax process security during peak points [Read More...]

Combating Identity Misuse and Fraud in a Global, Social Economy


Illicit use of identities has been occurring for many years; however, due to the faceless nature of e-commerce and now consumer banking, the impacts are being felt in a painful way across all industries. It is not uncommon for fraud losses to be measured in the tens of millions of dollars, and these losses have [Read More...]

Assessing Risk for the Best Fraud Prevention

Revolving Door

Leading analysts have called for a layered security model to protect against online fraud, account take-over, and financial loss.  Trends are also showing that businesses need to improve the interactive end user experience by minimizing intrusive authentication methods while still maintaining security for online transactions and reducing the opportunities for fraud. There is a way [Read More...]

States react to data breaches and potential identity fraud


The state of Montana recently announced that a server at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services was hacked in May, exposing 1.3 million records potentially including names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers. In 2012, a data breach at the South Carolina Department of Revenue exposed tax records and financial information [Read More...]

E-Verify Releases System Enhancements

e-verify update

On June 22, 2014, E-Verify released a new set of system enhancements.  Highlights of the E-Verify release include the following: E-Verify Enhancements Impacting Equifax I-9 Management Clients: Duplicate Case Alert:  E-Verify will provide a duplicate case alert to help ensure multiple E-Verify cases are not created for the same employee.  When a case is submitted, [Read More...]

Compliance is Not the Issue


The adoption of technology can counter some of the unintended consequences of today’s complex mortgage environment.  Keeping up with consumer demand for an electronic mortgage process not only provides a significantly better experience for the prospective borrower but also incorporates cost saving processes for a lender. In this article, Equifax’s Jeff Knott discusses how electronic [Read More...]

Imposter Unemployment Insurance Claims Point to a Benefit Fraud Scheme


News services and the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) have recently reported that the U.S. Inspector General’s office is investigating a possible multi-state unemployment insurance (UI) benefit fraud scheme, which includes FL, KS, MA, NM, NV, NY, and TX. Equifax Workforce Solutions has been alerting unemployment agencies in a number of these states of suspected [Read More...]

Use a Tenant Screening Service That Pays Off

Don't risk your rental income by skipping a complete background check.

If you manage properties, then you are accustomed to performing a background check before renting to new residents. What you may not realize is that the type of tenant screening service you use makes a big difference. There are many background services out there; however, some of these services may not provide all the detailed background [Read More...]

Obama Moves to Expand Student Loan Payment Relief


According to an article, “Obama moves to expand student loan payment relief” on, President Obama has signed an executive order that will expand a program that lets borrowers pay no more than 10 percent of their income towards student loans. Obama says the program expansion could help an additional five million borrowers lower their [Read More...]