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ICYMI: Our Top 6 Webinars on ACA Subsidy Management

ICYMI: Our Top 6 Webinars on ACA Subsidy Management Without question, 2016 brought new compliance challenges for HR professionals.  One of the more recent challenges facing employers is the ongoing management of Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidy notifications and appeals. Because subsidies (also known as Premium Tax Credits) are the trigger for fines and you [Read More…]

ACA Penalties on the Way, IRS Letter 5699 Requests Missing Reporting

Recently, the IRS began sending Letter 5699 to request missing 2015 Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting from Applicable Large Employers (ALEs).  A sample of this letter is available here. In the Letter 5699, titled “Request for Employer Reporting of Offers of Health Insurance Coverage (Forms 1094-C and 1095-C)”, a tax compliance officer is notifying the [Read More…]

Have the Election Results Impacted Employers’ ACA Compliance Strategy?

Have the Election Results Impacted Employers’ ACA Compliance Strategy? Despite the results of the presidential election, only 3% of employers surveyed have put their ACA compliance strategy on hold until additional guidance is provided, according to a recent poll conducted by Equifax during a webinar: Piecing Together ACA: Reporting, Subsidy Appeals, and Employee Education. In [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence: 2017 SUI Annual Taxable Wage Bases

Situation In general, there are two main factors that determine an employer’s annual state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax costs: 1) the employer-specific tax rate assigned, and 2) the taxable wage base.  The annual taxable wage base is a limit on the amount of an employee’s wages on which an employer must pay SUI taxes, as [Read More…]

Higher Education Webinar Recording: New Form I-9 and Top Gaffes

As the Higher Ed community prepares for winter tem hiring, we must remember that the new Form I-9 is now reality and it must be used by January 21, 2017.  Higher Ed has its fair share of challenges with different employee types (graduate students, rotating professors, remote employees, adjuncts, Foreign Nationals), a decentralized hiring structure, [Read More…]

Wage Audits on the Rise; New Digital Solution Can Help

As many employers have noticed, the frequency of wage audits has been on the rise. On average,  12-15% of our clients’ unemployment claims are audited. According to the United States Department of Labor, nearly $11 out of every $100 in unemployment benefits are improperly paid; therefore, nearly $3 billion in unemployment benefits are improperly paid [Read More…]

New Hire Reporting For The Holiday Season

As we head into the holidays, we also head into an interesting employment season. Some industries prepare for year end, seasonal closures, while retail and restaurant hiring peaks at its highest point of the calendar year. Seasonal closures can create unemployment claim challenges, while the New Hire Reporting requirement gets onerous for employers with rapid [Read More…]

December 2016 Briefly: An Unemployment Case Analysis

Background The claimant was discharged after failing a post-accident drug test. She was allowed benefits upon a finding that she was discharged, but not for misconduct connected with the work.  The employer appealed, and a hearing was scheduled before an administrative law judge. At the Hearing The Employer’s Evidence:  The employer testified that the claimant [Read More…]

Restaurants have a technology wish list…what does yours look like?

As the restaurant industry slowly…but surely… becomes more and more technology focused, it’s apparent that from the recent NRA study that restaurant owners are developing their own technology wish list. One area you might expect restaurant owners to focus on, is improving the engagement and customer service with their clients.  With that in mind, here [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence: Ohio Savings Opportunity

Situation Ohio is one of many states that offers employers the opportunity to utilize voluntary contribution (“VC”) and joint account (“JA”) strategies to reduce state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax costs.  VC strategies (available in 26 states) allow employers to “buy down” their SUI tax rate, while JA strategies (available in 12 states) allow employers to [Read More…]