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WOTC Renewed!

Barack Obama WOTC Renewal

The President has signed into law the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 that extends the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) retroactively from Jan 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. The measure also includes a retroactive extension of other federal hiring credits – both the Federal Empowerment Zone and Indian Employment Credits. This positive result [Read More…]

UI Integrity in Alabama – Benefit Payment Audits


As part of UI Integrity legislation and the requirement to curb unnecessary overpayments, Alabama has announced its plan to actively enforce compliance of completing Benefit Payment Audits by employers.  Per the state, these forms must be completed as instructed which can be accomplished in one of two ways.  The preferred method is electronically via the [Read More…]

Tax Intelligence: Compliance Pays When Bundled with WOTC

compliance that pays

Situation Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) provides a federal tax incentive for each eligible hire. Employers are challenged to meet screening and compliance regulations and deadlines when assessing new hire eligibility, potentially leaving millions of dollars of tax credit savings on the table.  Screening percentages and compliance are key performance indicators for the WOTC program.  [Read More…]

Unemployment Insurance in Education

unemployment insurance in education

For school districts, the topic of unemployment insurance can be very tricky.  Today the average cost of an unemployment claim for a school district is $3,780.  It doesn’t take long for those costs to add up and that is why it is crucial for you to understand the newest UI regulation mandates.  Read the article [Read More…]

How well do you know the Affordable Care Act?

ACA Quiz Image

Are you prepared for the Affordable Care Act? Many employers believe that they have all their bases covered when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, with complex rules around things like calculating eligibility and reporting to the IRS, it’s easy to miss something. Do you know the legislation well enough to avoid [Read More…]

WOTC Legislation: House Passes One-year Renewal

WOTC legislation

On Wednesday, with a vote of 378-46, the U.S. House of Representatives approved H.R. 5771, the “Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014″.  Included in this bill is a one year extension of WOTC and other expired tax provisions including the Indian Employment Credit and the Federal Empowerment Zone Credit.  The Senate is expected to pass [Read More…]

Bulletin: Labor and Compliance – Amended CA Wage Theft Notice Released

California EZ

As of January 1, 2015, California employers will be required to provide the new version of the “Notice to Employee” which now includes the required sick leave information, as a part of the CA Wage Theft Notice process.  The new California sick leave law was reviewed in our September bulletin.  This January date is for [Read More…]

The Affordable Care Act: Preparing for 2015

ACA Alert

January 1, 2015 is an important date for the Affordable Care Act. This is not only when large employers must begin providing healthcare coverage to eligible employees, but it’s also when organizations must start tracking all the necessary data to fulfill section 6055 and 6056 reporting requirements. While many employers believe they do not have [Read More…]

Tax Pre-planning is Key with Restaurant Mergers and Acquisitions

Customer data management is optimized when data from multiple sources in linked.

What are the tax implications for Restaurants during Mergers and Acquisitions? In the Restaurant industry, mergers, acquisitions and consolidations occur all of the time. Whether it is acquiring a new company, for example, or the movement of employees from one legal entity to another, doing a thorough review of the tax implications and strategy in [Read More…]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Financial Institutions Lever for Growth

M&A strategy for financial institutions

Rising interest rates, compressed wages, and increased regulatory costs make it difficult for financial institutions to grow organically.  Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a strategic lever for growth – M&A increases economies of scale to offset rising costs, enhances product and IT capabilities, and diversifies and expands a financial institution’s geographic and customer footprint.  In fact, [Read More…]