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Webinar: Best Practices for QM/ATR Compliance

Mortgage Keys

Increasing home prices and values are increasing the demand for home equity lending. The recent changes to Qualified Mortgage/Ability to Repay (QM/ATR) have established new underwriting standards, impacting how lenders evaluate and qualify prospective borrowers. Join us for a free webinar where a team of experts, including a senior manager of regulation and compliance at Equifax, [Read More...]

Sweet Deal: Balancing Targeted Offers with Telco Risks

mobile devices

Just three days into his new job, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler called for more competition within the telecommunication sector, noting that effective…

Centralize Service Activation with InterConnect for Communications & Utilities

central utilities

Service activation works like a machine – without all the gears in place, you lost functionality and efficiency. Unfortunately, with varying data,…

Account Acquisition: Equifax Helps Utility Streamline and Simplify


When your company already manages over 200,000 accounts, it’s important to keep current customers happy while attracting a new client base. That was the…

FHA Expands Acceptance of eSignatures

FHA eSignature

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) recently expanded its acceptance of electronic signatures (eSignatures) on documents associated with mortgage loans.  The new policy allows for eSignatures on origination, servicing and loss mitigation documents, as well as FHA insurance claims, REO sales contracts and related addenda.  eSignatures are still not allowed on the mortgage note itself, but [Read More...]

VOHI Is Essential but Not Easy for Many Lenders


VOHI, or verification of hazard insurance, is a critical step in the credit lending process, but making sure you have the right coverage isn’t easy.

ACA IRS Reporting: 6055 & 6056 Final Regulations Released


The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released final rules to implement the information reporting provisions for insurers and certain employers under the ACA that take effect in 2015.  The ACA IRS reporting is intended to promote transparency with respect to health plan coverage and costs. It will also provide [Read More...]

For-Profit Education Graduate Placement Reporting

education compliance

The For-Profit Education probe continues – How will colleges validate diligence in graduate placement reporting? In recent news, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has filed a lawsuit against one of the major for-profit education providers, accusing the school of luring students with false promises of future employment prospects upon graduation.  Additionally, the CFPB claims [Read More...]

ACA and Look-Back Periods: Why, Who, What, How?


The final ACA regulations are here. Are you prepared? The final ACA regulations have been issued, but what does this mean for large employers? It means more clarity around determining eligibility for different types of employees such as variable-hour, temporary, part-time, and seasonal workers. While more guidance has been provided around which hours count towards [Read More...]

The For-Profit Education Probe Expands – Ready to Prove Graduate Outcomes?


According to the Wall Street Journal, Federal and state authorities are expanding their probes into the for-profit education industry.  States are working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to investigate unfair or deceptive practices around student lending and placement statistics.  Thirteen states have already launched investigations.  There is little doubt that 2014 will see [Read More...]