Retro WOTC: Real Value, Little Time

Money on Table

Staffing firms’ onboarding processes are filled with challenges due to a rapidly changing contingent workforce environment, high turnover and hiring rates, and operational inefficiencies; which has a direct impact on their bottom line. This makes staffing organizations a prime candidate to benefit from a WOTC screening platform that delivers an automated process and service that helps identify, qualify, and [Read More…]

Webinar: Department of Education’s new “Gainful Employment” Rules


A well known attorney with a education-related practice will provide insights on the Department of Education’s new “Gainful Employment” rules at an upcoming webinar. Join us to better understand the new reporting requirements and what they may mean to your institution. You’ll also learn about how to gain insight into key data and metrics on [Read More…]

Make your customers—and dealers—an offer they can’t refuse

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Why preferred dealer programs are a win-win for everyone   Auto dealers must optimize their mass marketing dollars across multiple channels including TV, newspaper and radio. However, as a lender you have the opportunity to send dealers a gold mine of prequalified, interested vehicle prospects, often for a fraction of the cost of other marketing [Read More…]

Visit Equifax at the AACC Annual Convention


Join Equifax at the AACC 2015 Annual Convention – April 18-21 in San Antonio, TX and learn how we can help provide educational institutions with graduate outcome metrics based on objective and verified data that identifies graduate and program performance. The Gainful Employment regulation will go into effect July 1, 2015. Are your programs at [Read More…]

Compliance webinar – poll suggests more growth for auto loan securitization


The automotive lending community seems to be leaning towards a bullish view on continued growth in securitization of auto loans. That was the indication we got from attendees at a recent webinar on the changing regulatory environment for lenders and dealerships. The audience of over 150 managers, underwriters, loan officers, compliance managers and others in the automotive [Read More…]

The Challenge of Distinguishing Owner-Occupied Mortgages From Investor Mortgages


Understanding the borrower’s intention for a property is a key factor in a lender’s mortgage application decision. Because it’s often safer to approve clients buying a residence for themselves, lenders often provide better rates for owner-occupied mortgage loans. Unfortunately, some borrowers might misrepresent their application in order to receive this lower rate. Having a process [Read More…]

Luxury Home Sales Shift to Domestic Buyers


Over the past few years, luxury home sales have represented a bright spot in an otherwise weak housing market. Luxury home sales, or sales totaling at least $1 million, have increased every quarter since 2012 and significantly outpaced normal home sales. In the past, this activity mainly originated from international buyers. However, the past year [Read More…]