Online Targeting for Auto: How Car-Buying Preferences Vary by City

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Auto manufacturers, auto ad agencies, lenders and dealers all face difficult challenges in online advertising. While brand advertising puts a make or model into the consumer’s mind, the ultimate goal is to sell cars. The most effective way to do this – as well as to extend loans – is to put the right message [Read More...]

Automotive Fraud: Income Misrepresentation

Income Misrepresentation

Automakers are back on top, showing their best sales in 8 years. Consumers who previously struggled to free up the capital for a car loan are able to qualify again. Still, just because some consumers are playing nice with the auto industry, doesn’t mean all are. In a recent research study, Equifax found that almost [Read More...]

Key Auto Market Trends for 2014

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Will buyers flock to showrooms to buy new vehicles this year? Market optimists seem to think so. And most who attended the North American International Auto Show are utterly ebullient. But those who believe the glass is half empty say trends are heading in the opposite direction. Key factors pushing sales up: Rising pent-up demand [Read More...]

Alternative Data for Subprime Auto Lending


The appetite for subprime auto lending has returned.  Delinquencies are falling, and finance policies have loosened from the restrictive standards seen at the height of the recession.  But to protect your loan portfolio and gain better insight into your customers, you’ll need better data, smarter risk metrics and dead-on pricing. A case study A client [Read More...]

How New Technology Can Inject Life into your Legacy Systems

Auto Technology

Let’s face it: Growth in the auto industry can be tough. Thanks to trepidation among buyers and competitors who seem to offer more for less, scanning your current criteria for worthy buyers can leave you scratching your head. But while you might blame the difficulty on a sluggish economy, it might actually be your outdated [Read More...]

Webinar: Automotive credit and lending outlook – 2014 trends, challenges and remedies

Auto Outlook

The automotive industry is emerging from the financial crisis stronger than ever, and there are many opportunities ahead.  But times are different than they once were, and the industry is faced with a new consumer landscape. Join us, along with Chris deRitis, Senior Direct at Moody’s Analytics, for a Webinar to get the latest on [Read More...]

Kicking Auto Loan Fraud to the Curb

Auto Loan Fraud

Application fraud in Automotive lending can be as simple as a clerical error or income exaggeration, all the way to flat-out loan fraud involving the falsification of loan applications, the creation of false pay stubs, or multiple vehicles financed with different lenders.  Sophisticated fraud involves groups of perpetrators and dishonest employees. The pressure to sell [Read More...]

How Auto Advertisers Can Target on a Deeper Level


For advertisers targeting auto buyers online, the challenge is to cut through the clutter and noise and drill down to pathways of opportunity. Advanced data that enables advertisers to serve relevant online advertising will enhance branding and drive direct response. Enhancing core online data Online advertising is largely based on cookie-based targeting, where data companies [Read More...]

Credit scores don’t tell the entire story for vehicle buyers in Subprime Auto Lending


A new approach to the 3 C’s offers a deeper, more accurate view of risk for subprime auto lending Auto lenders are revising their marketing and risk assessment strategies, looking for ways to securely tap into this expanding market opportunity. That means they must find the fastest path to reaching the right consumers, at the [Read More...]

Predictive solutions that produce insights to protect and grow your portfolio


Your customers are being financed by competitors every day — and you know it. It’s the very nature of the indirect auto lending space. Dealers send out the apps and look for the best — and quickest — response. It’s time to preempt the pilfering of your profits. Getting to a consumer with a relevant [Read More...]