Win more customers by focusing on what matters most to them

Seasoned salespeople can predict what a prospective customer wants in a vehicle after a few minutes of conversation. But in an era of online shopping and research, automotive marketers often lack the advantage of face-to-face buyer interaction. Instead, you’re forced to segment vast numbers of customers and prospects into fairly generic groups, which zaps your [Read More…]

More Data, Less Fraud

Fraud is increasing on online and mobile channels as EMV adoption limits point-of-sale fraud. Implementing appropriate verification and authentication protections helps minimize fraud losses and improve customer experience. Listen to this interview with fraud expert Andy Smith to learn about how to: Improve fraud detection by sharing information across businesses Limit true-name and synthetic ID [Read More…]

Support strategic planning – with your extra budget!

Are you ever faced with end of year “Use It or Lose It” mandates from your CFO or CMO? Would you like to put small chunks of leftover dollars to great use? Do you want to set yourself up well for 2016? Strive to achieve all of these things with small, but actionable, projects with IXI [Read More…]

3 Steps For Unlocking Hidden Value In Your CRM Data

Today’s advertising climate is very focused on “big data,” but sophisticated advertisers have been making use of consumer data for decades. Many are sitting on top of reams of demographic and life-stage data within their CRM systems – valuable information that can teach them about existing and prospective customers. But rarely do CRM systems have [Read More…]

Four Ways to Ramp Up Your Credit Union’s Auto Loan Business

Auto loan originations are still forging ahead at record highs, subprime share is growing and delinquency rates remain low. Are you taking advantage of these trends to compete more effectively in today’s automotive lending market? Over 9 million auto loans totaling $183 billion have been originated year-to-date according to data from the latest Equifax National [Read More…]

We hope to see you at the Auto Finance Summit!

Planning on attending the Auto Finance Summit in October? Stop by and see us! Equifax will be exhibiting at booth #170 and we’d love to chat with you! We’ll be talking about what’s going on in the auto lending space and how our solutions can help you: Attract and capture the right customers with preferred [Read More…]

The Top Five Predictors of Subprime Risk

Better assess subprime opportunities by looking at data and attributes that are often more predictive than traditional credit scores Most of the conversation around automotive finance is currently focused on the growth of originations to consumers with subprime credit scores, but there is more remarkable growth in orginations made to consumers who do not have [Read More…]

Use existing CRM data to uncover high potential auto shoppers

In today’s business environment, working smarter is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Yet despite budget belt-tightening, many auto marketers are spending millions of dollars marketing their latest and greatest vehicles to consumers who may not be a good financial fit for their brands and models. Equifax financial solutions can enhance existing shopper records to [Read More…]

Subprime Auto Bubble? Not Likely Say Experts

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about a potential bubble forming as a result of subprime lending in the automotive industry. Phil LeBeau, at CNBC, recently interviewed Dennis Carlson, Deputy Chief Economist at Equifax, to get his take on the issue. Carlson and analysts at Equifax looked at data for new and used cars [Read More…]

Challenged with combating fake paystubs?

The challenge of combatting fake paystubs has become an increasing reality for lenders – more so for some than others, depending on the type of lending. Recently, an investigative reporter, Aaron Diamant with WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta, went undercover to see just how easily he could get his hands on fake paystubs [Read More…]