Online Audiences: Verifying and Leveraging Insights for Automotive Advertisers

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In a previous post, we discussed how automotive advertisers need additional data sources to ensure their online ads reach optimal consumers. Within today’s cookie market it’s possible – likely, even – that many consumers are mislabeled as “in-market” for certain auto makes and models, but targeting those who will never purchase the advertised model results [Read More...]

Subprime Auto Lenders See Resurgence Thanks to Better Data

Subprime lenders are expanding across America, especially in the south.

Subprime auto lenders are taking advantage of higher-quality data, leading to a resurgence in the market.

Auto Advertisers Need to Leverage Offline Insights Online


It’s in an auto advertiser’s best interest to leverage additional data sources and tools to drive the best online marketing results. But auto makers are also sitting on top of tons of their own data, and that data is extremely valuable when it comes to online advertising. The issue is that it’s offline and needs [Read More...]

Balance of Auto Loans Tops Record-Breaking $900 Billion

The total balance of auto loans has exceeded $900 billion dollars for the first time ever.

Recent studies on the balance of auto loans show that consumers are borrowing more money to buy new vehicles, and loan-delinquency is at an all-time low.

Gain Competitive Insight with Credit Benchmarking Tools

Auto loan benchmarking tools

If you’re faced with the constant need to evaluate and adjust your auto loans, powerful benchmarking tools can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Prescreening Prospects: Are You Really Identifying the Right Customers?

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It’s an unfortunate truth: Many auto lenders do a poor job of prescreening prospect because they lack full credit profiles of their customers.

Subprime Vehicle Financing at a Seven-Year High

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SubPrime Auto Finance News recently published an article regarding the surge in subprime vehicle financing.  In fact, the numbers for March 2014 came in at $13.1 billion, higher than any single month for the past seven years.  But while the total dollar amount is at historic highs, the average amount per subprime loan came in [Read More...]

NIADA’s Scott Lilja on the Auto Dealer Challenges Facing Today’s Independents


Today’s independent auto dealers are under pressure. Changes in financing, competition, inventory, regulatory issues and shifting buyer preferences are among the challenges that have left many members searching for answers. Jennifer Reid, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Equifax, recently caught up with Scott Lilja, Senior Vice President of Member Services at National Independent Automobile [Read More...]

Next Generation Showroom Shoppers: What You Need to Know about Millennialls

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Millennial vehicle shoppers (18 to 32 years old) comprise a huge market of new car buyers. They are more informed than previous generations. They are different from any other category of buyers.. Your dealership challenge is to inform, seduce and reward this new population of shoppers with exactly want they want. Image is everything Last [Read More...]

Auto Lending Sector Enjoying Boom Times and Record Credit Numbers

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Boom times are back, and the auto lending sector is still going strong in 2014, according to the most recent Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends Report. “Auto lending continues to lead the recovery,” said Amy Crews Cutts, Chief Economist at Equifax. According to the report, while new sales in the auto industry have driven the [Read More...]