Match Point: How to Win the Data Matching Game


If data matching is the game, then to truly win, you’ll need to know the rules. Thanks to complex laws regarding information sharing and the disparate…

Consumer Credit Data: GLB Act 101


Financial institutions are legally required by the GLB Act to comply with customer opt-out, which can cause problems. Customer data integration can help.

Cable and Big Data: A Match Made in Information Heaven


Consider cable and big data the “it” couple in information. When combined, the two are making sweet music together for cable providers.

Customer Data Integration: Accuracy vs. Privacy

Customer Data Integration image

They say that love makes the world go ’round, but in business, it’s data that often fuels the fire. Whether it’s confirming a customer’s address or looking up past account information, having accessible data at hand streamlines the process and can help in cross-selling and marketing efforts. Of course, while accurate and timely data are [Read More...]

5 Current Telecom Industry Trends

5 Current Telco image

<p>Recently, innovation has been the name of the game in telecom industry trends. New products have emerged across the board that offer customers access to customized service options that best fit their needs. Companies should get a jump on what’s coming so they can maintain a market advantage, retain more accounts and engender loyalty going [Read More...]

How Alternative Data Can Help Your Business

How Alternative Data image

Competition in the utility sector has never been hotter, and companies are looking for innovative ways to attract more qualified customers. With the use of alternative data, you can gain a broader perspective of customer creditworthiness and increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. New data points Alternative data, also referred to as “nontraditional [Read More...]

HBO Go and Mobile TV Apps: Changing the Channel … and the Game

HBO Go article image

If the latest TV trend is any indication, television screen sizes are cyclical. After all, we’ve gone from the tiny, black-and-white screens of the last century to huge, all-encompassing big-screens — and now, thanks to mobile TV apps like HBO Go and DIRECTV, we’ve gone back to tiny screens in the name of convenience and [Read More...]

Retaining Customers: Upselling to Increase Wallet Share

Retaining Customers Image

As an industry, telecommunications has excellent prospects. After all, communication is one of the most important facets of modern society. But resting on the current need isn’t what separates the big fish from the little fish in this fairly crowded pond. By analyzing data, CSPs can zero in on the upsell opportunities that best suit [Read More...]

The Hopper and The Genie: TV Targets Millennials Through Tech

Hopper Cable

If a calculated marketing move could isolate and possibly result in losing a large chunk of your customer base, would you proceed? That’s the question that cable and satellite providers must answer before introducing new technology to an older or less tech-savvy fan base. The Hopper from DISH or the Genie from DIRECTV are both [Read More...]

Sweet Deal: Balancing Targeted Offers with Telco Risks


Just three days into his new job, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler called for more competition within the telecommunication sector, noting that effective…