Credit Card Balances Continue to Grow as Consumer Confidence Rises

The trend of growing credit card balances continues.

Credit card balances are up as more people are borrowing more money, while credit card delinquencies have declined during the first half of 2014.

Three Steps to Targeted Prospecting Success

Audience segmentation can improve your targeted prospecting.

Improve your targeted prospecting in a financial marketing effort by knowing your end customers’ total profile and the kinds of media they respond to.

Debit or Credit? Shifting Payment Methods Represent Opportunity for Banks

credit cards

Credit trends point to a new attitude toward credit these days, especially among the Generation Y (the younger generation with birth dates between the …

More Balance Transfer Applications Through Better Consumer Research

Equifax targets balance transfer candidates

How can better data help you find and land more balance transfer candidates? Here we explore how to target prospects without unwanted marketing expenses.

Time Series Data: Capture Trends to Boost Your Business

Capturing Trends

Time series data highlights critical trends for any business looking to mitigate risk.

Marketing Profitability Gets a Boost With New Analytics Tools

Marketing profitability can rise with the help of more precisely targeted tools.

In a time of slim profit margins, every advantage counts when trying to boost marketing profitability. Here’s what one credit card company did for theirs.

Help Protect Your Business Proactively With Predictive Risk

Advanced analytics improves predictive risk models, helping you more accurately identify the right customers.

There is little doubt that analytics improves the accuracy of predictive risk. Here is what one firm did to improve their model and find the right customer

WHITE PAPER: Recapturing Credit Line Increases

credit cards

Credit card issuers and consumers have faced an 85% decline in credit line increase (CLI) eligibility since 2010 due to the ability-to-pay provisions of the CARD Act. This decline does not mean consumers are less worthy of credit increases, but instead is due to card issuers lacking the ability to meet the provision’s income verification [Read More...]

Debit or Credit? Shifting Payment Methods Represent Opportunity for Banks


New data is pointing to a changing attitude toward credit these days, especially among the Generation Y. Also known as “Millennials” with birth dates between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, this group has a different attitude toward payment methods — and successful financial institutions are taking notice of the shift. Namely, the Generation [Read More...]