Top 5 Fraud Questions for Risk Officers

When consulting a customer on identity fraud management, Equifax will go through a rigorous effort to truly diagnose the problems. Here are the top 5 questions related to identity fraud management that we encourage our potential customers to think about: 1) Do I have a firm grasp on my fraud related metrics? In trying to do [Read More…]

Webinar: Digital Identity Verification for Fraud Mitigation

Online and mobile commerce is increasing exponentially – unfortunately so is fraud based on stolen or fake identities. Combating identity-based fraud is challenging, but the key to success is a multi-phase approach − one that encompasses identity verification and big data for fraud mitigation. Join us for a complimentary webinar with Information Security Media Group: [Read More…]

Fraud Mitigation vs. Identity Verification

While there is not necessarily a turnkey solution that addresses fraud, certainly a sound authentication and validation strategy can help combat it. However, for fraud to be effectively managed, a multiphase approach is best – one that encompasses both fraud mitigation (data integrity) and identity verification (proving that the customers are who they say they [Read More…]

Webinar – eSignatures and compliance – bullish on eSignature adoption

A group of over 200 webinar attendees showed themselves bullish about eSignatures at a webinar discussing electronic signature legal issues. The webinar addressed the legal background for eSignatures and electronic records in general for mortgage lending. Margo Tank, counsel for Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA) as well as a leading eCommerce lawyer and partner at [Read More…]

Millennial Credit Card Customers, Part 2: Connecting With a New Breed of Credit User

In part two of this series, we explore what it is that millennials truly want out of their credit offers and services.

Marketing Credit Cards to Millennials, Part 1: Playing by Their Rules

By using trended data, you can market to millennials on the terms that are most appealing to them.

Credit Card Balances Continue to Grow as Consumer Confidence Rises

Credit card balances are up as more people are borrowing more money, while credit card delinquencies have declined during the first half of 2014.

Three Steps to Targeted Prospecting Success

Improve your targeted prospecting in a financial marketing effort by knowing your end customers’ total profile and the kinds of media they respond to.