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Join Equifax at the CUNA Lending Council Conference, November 2-5, 2014.

Mortgage Balances Down Over 2014 Q2, But Still Higher Than 2013

Mortgage balances went down over 2014 Q2, but they're still higher than 2013.

People across the country are paying down their mortgage balances and taking out home equity lines, but they aren’t using them just yet, says a new report.

HAMP Loan Program: The Other Shoe Is About to Drop

Many homeowners avoided losing their homes to foreclosure through HAMP, a temporary loan program that will soon expire.

HAMP homeowners may soon be struggling with impending foreclosures. As a loaner, here is how you can help your clients manage their debt.

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Effectively ensuring loan quality and reducing repurchase risk is more critical than ever. Visit Equifax at MBA’s Risk Management & Quality Assurance…

Commercial Mortgage Debt Hits New High: What Lenders Need to Know

Lenders can benefit from increased activity in the commercial mortgage market.

New growth in the commercial mortgage debt market could give lenders a profitable business opportunity if they use the right data and tools.

Is the Automated Valuation Model for Your Property or Area Accurate?

As a busy lender, you have to ask yourself: Do you really have the time and money to compare valuations from different vendors and pick out the most accurate one?

Choosing the right automated valuation model can be complicated. But today’s new breed of cascading tools can help.

Home Finance: Write-Offs Decrease by More Than 37 Percent

Home finance deliquencies have seen big improvement year-over-year.

The latest Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends Report is out, and it is full of good news about lower home finance delinquencies.

Best Practices for Mortgage Lenders to Enhance Targeted Acquisition Strategies

Best practices for lenders can smooth the mortgage loan origination process.

While lenders are looking at more targeted acquisition strategies to fill their loan pipelines as origination volumes decline, more stringent standards for lending should be taken into consideration. The Dodd-Frank Mortgage Reform rules set forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) implements ability to repay (ATR) guidelines for mortgage lenders. For loans that will [Read More...]

Targeting Home Equity Prospects

Big data helps lenders identify their ideal customer for a home equity line of credit.

Home equity lending is increasing, which is good news for lenders; however, the landscape is much different than it was before the housing bubble in 2009. Lenders need to hone their acquisition strategies not only to acquire more customers, but also to be sure they are gaining the right customers. Targeting good Home Equity candidates [Read More...]

Marketing the Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit: Finding a Complete Solution

Finding the right marketing tools helps lenders write more home equity lines of credit to qualified borrowers.

With housing values increasing, consumers are showing renewed interest in taking out a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC). New mortgage originations are still lagging somewhat, so home equity marketing is a huge opportunity for lenders. Improving methods of evaluation There are many tools available to help lenders in their marketing [Read More...]