E-Verify Releases System Enhancements

e-verify update

On June 22, 2014, E-Verify released a new set of system enhancements.  Highlights of the E-Verify release include the following:

E-Verify Enhancements Impacting Equifax I-9 Management Clients:

  • Duplicate Case Alert:  E-Verify will provide a duplicate case alert to help ensure multiple E-Verify cases are not created for the same employee.  When a case is submitted, E-Verify will check for duplicate cases based on Social Security Number (SSN) and will prompt the user in situations where the SSN matches a case previously entered by the same employer within the last 30 days.

Additional E-Verify Enhancements (Not Impacting Equifax I-9 Management Clients):

  • Validation of Email and Phone Number:  E-Verify will require email and telephone number validation when users reset their E-Verify passwords (every 90 days) in order for USCIS to update their records.
  • Further Action Notice (FAN) Revision for Web Services:  E-Verify will no longer pre-populate the ‘Employer Representative Name’ field, allowing for employers to update needed information on the FAN to improve flexibility and accuracy.

Equifax will continue to monitor guidance related to Form I-9 compliance and E-Verify.  With the new E-Verify release now being available, Equifax will be updating the E-Verify workflow for Duplicate Case Alerts in the Equifax I-9 Management solution in the coming months.  Further details will be provided in release notes associated with the planned future release.