Government Information and Analytics Summit


We were just at the Government Information and Analytics Summit where we presented on how to fight fraud with identity analytics.

Here are a few points from the presentation:

  • While raw data is valuable, how well you link and analyze the data is where the real value resides. Linking and analytics are core competencies we use to build both Equifax products and unique, custom solutions for clients.
  • Information and insights both inside and outside of your internal shop are invaluable. An identity/entity has an existence outside of what you see within your own data and that existence can yield highly useful clues, insights and/or evidence. Equifax gets some update on an identity/entity every 2-3 days.
  • Data accuracy affects quality of results. The degree to which data is inaccurate or incomplete or is incorrectly associated to the wrong identity/entity can be a big deal and can skew result accuracy. How is the data quality and accuracy achieved? What are the checks and balances?
  • Multiple, corroborating data points reveal the true identity. A three dimensional view of an identity/entity is much more trustworthy than a monocular view.

To learn more about effective methods and strategies to maximize the value of the insights data can provide, contact us. As our 100+ year history shows, Equifax was ‘big data’ before ‘big data’ was cool.