Infographic: ACA Compliance and the Hourly Workforce

ACA Compliance Warning

Equifax Workforce Solutions just released new data about the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandates on hourly workers across an array of industries including finance, retail, restaurant, education, healthcare and staffing. With the majority of the employer mandate taking effect on January 1, 2015, it’s critical that organizations make ACA compliance a fundamental part of their business planning and forecasting process now. To ensure success and avoid potential compliance risks, employers must be proactive in creating and evolving their ACA strategy based on current, reliable information that helps them answer questions like: Who will become eligible? When will they become eligible? And how much will premiums cost?

Our team of expert ACA analysts continually pores over today’s latest hiring, pay and turnover trends to deliver the relevant insights organizations need to better prepare for ACA compliance with more relevant, accurate predictions on how this evolving legislation coupled with their unique workforce dynamics will impact their business. With 66% of US workers classified as hourly, accounting for more than 73.6 million active employees, this is a particularly critical area of healthcare reform employers need to proactively understand and address.

See more of our analysis of the hourly workforce and its impact on ACA Compliance in this newly released infographic, and explore more interactive Workforce Insights here.