Level of Assurance 3 Identity Proofing


Equifax has successfully demonstrated full comparability with the elements and outcomes for identity proofing subscribers for electronic identity credentials at NIST Level of Assurance (LOA) 2 and LOA3 by SAFE-BioPharma, a US Government-approved Trusted Framework provider.  This certification means that identity credentials can be trusted and used at known levels of assurance by any US federal entity.

“SAFE-BioPharma is pleased to welcome Equifax as an Identity Provider in our Trust Framework,” said Peter Alterman, Chief Operating Officer, SAFE-BioPharma Assn. “This extends the options for private sector and federal relying parties who use our framework to increase interoperability and security for their electronic transactions.”

Equifax’s FICAM certification for NIST Level of Assurance 3 aligns with the White House initiative to make online transactions more trustworthy. The White House effort, called the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), works to protect individuals, businesses, and public agencies from the high costs of cyber-crimes like identity theft and fraud, while simultaneously helping to ensure that the Internet continues to support innovation and be a thriving marketplace of products and ideas. Equifax was among the first organizations to be approved at LOA 1 and is a founding member of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) which worked with the General Services Administration (GSA) to establish the identity proofing requirements met by the various level of service components.