10 Most Common ACA Challenges Employers Face in 2017

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It’s been quite a saga for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) over the last year. It was dead, then maybe not, and now it’s here to stay (at least for now). In a recently-released audit and report completed by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) titled, “Affordable Care Act: Assessment of Efforts to Implement the Employer Shared Responsibility Provision” (and the accompanying press release), we learned that the IRS is implementing an ACA Compliance Validation system in May 2017 to identify non-compliant employers. It’s clear now is not the time for employers to risk non-compliance.

In managing ACA compliance for 56,000+ companies and 41 million+ employees, Equifax has identified 10 common ACA challenges that employers struggle to overcome. Are you confident your HR team has a plan in place to tackle all 10 and avoid penalties?

Download our resource, 10 Most Common ACA Challenges Employers Face in 2017, to understand all 10 challenges and make sure there are no holes in your 2017 ACA compliance plan.

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