Equifax is “Ready for Action” at the 2017 Spring TRMA Conference

Since joining the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) in 1999, Equifax has consistently delivered presentations at the conferences, and contributed significant educational content relevant to its members. Similar to Equifax, the goal of TRMA is to help reduce fraud and uncollectibles across the industries it supports and we are excited to be a selected presenter this year.

At the upcoming spring conference in New Orleans (March 28-29), Todd Hoover, SVP of Data and Analytics, will deliver a presentation entitled “Ready for Action with Advanced Analytics”. He will describe how forward-looking organizations are realizing that there is an opportunity to improve and accelerate decision-making by incorporating the analysis of third-party data with their in-house data to advance business insights. This innovative approach can reduce “time-to-insight” down to a few days helping to drive smarter business decisions across an organization.

Having the right combination of data is only half the battle, as explained in a CIOReview.com article featuring Prasanna Dhore, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Equifax. He illustrates how insights are only as powerful as the data behind them and highlights three key things to consider when it comes to data and analytics.

#1 Speed: Is the data quickly accessible and how current is it?

#2 Source: Is the data directly-sourced or surveyed? Informed decisions can only be made if the data is closer to verified truth.

#3 Actionable: Is your data easily digestible and informative? Can you derive relevant insights that lead to better decision-making?

In the race to consume large amounts of data to help drive your business forward, Equifax offers solutions that can help eliminate complexity and address business needs. Equifax Data and Analytics solutions help mitigate fraud risk, improve collections, advance marketing efforts, and more for several communications and utility providers.

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