3 Letters from the IRS Your Organization Can’t Ignore

3 Letters from the IRS Your Organization Can't Ignore

The failure of the Senate’s “skinny repeal” bill signaled what many employers were waiting to hear definitively: the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here to stay, at least for now. If your organization had previously been playing “wait and see” regarding your reporting obligations, now is the time to comply with the ACA or face penalties.

The IRS is leaving no room for ambiguity here either regarding their enforcement of ACA provisions. Employers are receiving various communications from the IRS regarding ACA reporting that can’t be ignored but are also quite confusing and difficult to understand. In some cases, letters requesting resubmittal of forms may have even been sent from the IRS in error. Can you be sure an “IRS letter” you’re receiving is even legitimate? Because letters may request forms containing employee data, you’ll want to be sure you aren’t responding to a fraudster by handing over personally identifiable information (PII). Does your team have the expertise and resources necessary to contact the IRS to sort through each letter, figure out an appropriate response, and take action?

The specialized ACA management team at Equifax has compiled an overview of three letters the IRS is known to be sending to employers. Keep in mind that additional inquiries could be sent by the IRS at any time. Make sure you’re prepared if one arrives in your mailbox.

Download your complimentary copy of our Equifax briefing Three Letters from the IRS Your Organization Can’t Ignore here.

And, if your organization needs support in completing current or prior year ACA reporting, please contact the Equifax ACA team here.