A Top 25 Bank Increases WOTC Results by More than 50%

Client Success Story

A top 25 bank that switched to the Equifax Workforce Solutions WOTC Management technology has seen more than a 50% improvement in their WOTC results in less than a year. Small tweaks to the bank’s WOTC process improved screening completion and eligibility identification to drive a significant increase to their overall WOTC program performance.

Client Success Story

While the majority of their new hires were being screened, the bank came to Equifax Workforce Solutions because they felt like there was room for improvement with their WOTC program. With thousands of locations and 13,000 new hires, annually, their challenge was to find a better way to screen to make sure they were not leaving credits on the table.

The WOTC Management solution from Equifax has delivered a nearly 100% screening rate with an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized screening tool for all applicants. And our proprietary SmartScreening™ system optimizes the screening process to help find more eligible applicants.

Our SmartScreening™ technology…

  • Makes questions easier to understand
  • Provides ‘not sure’ answer options
  • Sequences questions to improve eligibility identification


The results were immediate and significant. Screening completion improved by 14% and eligibility identification increased by 37%, resulting in an increase in estimated credit value of more than $600,000 per year!

View infographic: WOTC Value Snapshot – A Top 25 Bank

Contact us today to find out how you can rake in more WOTC credits this fall and how Equifax can streamline your WOTC screening process in just a few weeks to get you on the road to maximizing your WOTC results.

About Michael Montgomery

Michael Montgomery is Director, Product Management for Equifax Workforce Solutions where he leads strategy and product development for the company’s Tax Credits and Incentives solutions. Montgomery has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Arizona as well as an MBA from Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business.