ACA Look Back Periods & Higher Education

ACA Look Back Periods. Is your institution prepared? 

The final ACA regulations have been issued, but what does this mean to colleges and universities? For most, it means more clarity around determining eligibility for different types of employees such as adjunct faculty and student workers.

While this provides more guidance around what hours count towards eligibility, institutions are still left with the task of managing ongoing “look-back” periods to determine who is eligible and when coverage must be made available. Why is this important? Because it’s what you do in 2014 that will determine the penalties you could face in 2015. In other words, you must start preparing now.

Join our ACA experts for a complete playbook to understanding and calculating look-back periods in accordance with the final ACA regulations. They’ll address questions like:

  • Why is it so important to track look-back periods accurately?
  • Who must be measured against a look-back period?
  • What are “hours entitled to payment” and how do I count them?
  • How do look-back periods work and how are they administered?

We’ll also cover the latest regulatory announcements, best practices for managing the ACA in a decentralized environment, and tools that can help you put compliance on auto-pilot.

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This webinar took place Wednesday, March 12, 2014.