Prepare for Notifications with our ACA Subsidy Toolkit for Employers

Get the Equifax ACA Subsidy Toolkit for Employers

While many HR and benefits professionals have been heads down and busy working on getting important tax forms out the door, a record-breaking open enrollment season has just ended on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplaces.

So, why is this important?

Employers will need to be prepared to receive ACA subsidy notices, likely in larger volumes to match the large number of enrollments on the Federal and State Marketplaces. Each notice will require the time and expertise of an HR/benefits professional to be reviewed, processed, and potentially appealed to avoid unnecessary fines. Plus, employers should carefully address employee concerns pertaining to why their subsidies could be appealed.

Equifax has developed an ACA Subsidy Toolkit for Employers to support HR and benefits professionals with these tasks. Included are valuable tools such as:

  • An ACA subsidy FAQ document for employees,
  • A sample employee education poster,
  • A best practice guide for benefits and HR staff, and
  • An ACA subsidy process road map.

Download the Equifax ACA Subsidy Toolkit for Employers today.