ACA Penalty Notices Hit Mailboxes, Sample Letter 226J Available

Sample Letter 226J

Thanks to a partnership with a third-party legal consultant, Equifax has learned that employers are indeed receiving Letter 226J from the IRS for Affordable Care Act (ACA) non-compliance in tax year 2015. The Equifax ACA team explained in a recent blog post that such penalty letters were forthcoming, and now it’s confirmed they’re here. To view a sample Letter 226J obtained by Equifax, please click here. This sample Letter 226J notably features a penalty amount in the millions of dollars.

Equifax strongly encourages employers at risk for non-compliance to confer with their legal and compliance teams immediately. The time frame provided by the IRS to respond to Letter 226J is very short — only 30 days from the date listed on the notice. Any employer receiving this notice that chooses to dispute the penalty amount will have to hurry to complete required forms provided by the IRS, as well as provide any supporting documentation.

If your organization is unsure if you were compliant in 2015 or 2016 or needs help responding to Letter 226J, contact us today.

sample letter 226J

A sample Letter 226J, as provided to Equifax by a third-party legal consultant.