How Financial Network, Inc. is helping customers with The Work Number

Financial Network, Inc. (FNI) recently joined forces with Equifax to provide employment and income verification solutions to customers through a connection to  The Work Number® (TWN) database — the nation’s largest centralized repository of employment and income information provided directly from employers. We asked Phil Mazza, FNI’s CEO, about the relationship and how it will [Read More…]

Two (2) Things Auto Dealers and Lenders Should Know about the Military Lending Act

    By: Jennifer Reid, Vice President, Enterprise Alliance Partners, Equifax Automotive   We all respect and value our service members and what they do to protect our freedoms every day. I believe we all also want to ensure this group of heroes is protected in the vehicle purchase process.  The Military Lending Act (MLA), and [Read More…]

Delivering Insights that Drive More Profitable Deals

Without proper insight into dealership behaviors, loan performance, and the competitive landscape, it’s difficult for auto lenders to assess risk and identify high-value dealers to build relationships. For truly successful auto lending, lenders need to: Understand market share within each dealership. Gain deeper insight into positive and negative selection for each dealership they do business [Read More…]