Avoiding Risks in New Hire Onboarding – State Compliance Best Practices

Avoiding risks in new hire onboarding: State compliance best practices to help protect your organization Many view a successful onboarding process as one that brings new hires into the organization seamlessly, preparing them to make a positive impact on the company.  But onboarding is actually much more than that.  It is the start of your [Read More…]

Webinar / Demo: A Tool for Supporting State Level New Hire Notifications

Webinar / Demo:  Get it Done!  A Tool for Supporting State Level New Hire Notifications, Nationwide           Date: Tuesday – April 5, 2016           Time: 1:00PM ET (12:ooPM CT)           Duration:  30 minutes   Notifications for wages, sick leave, commissions, pregnancy accommodations, gender [Read More…]

Webinar: Employment law, onboarding, and legal risk: what’s keeping HR pros up at night?

Which of the many employment law risks in onboarding keeps HR pros up at night? State and municipal legislation leads the list, according to the attendees at one of our recent webinars. Not far behind on the most-worrisome list: wage and hour concerns and the new emphasis on “systemic issues” by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (see graphic [Read More…]

Client Focus: Helping PacSun Streamline the Hiring Process

Retailer PacSun targets a young demographic seeking the latest fashions, trends, and styles from top brands and designers. As a result, this lends itself to a young workforce as well. PacSun felt confident in their store managers’ ability to sell, but had concerns about their experience with business systems and understanding of the important nature [Read More…]

Webinar: Be an Onboarding Rockstar – and Steer Clear of Legal Issues

Webinar:  Be an Onboarding Rockstar – and Steer Clear of Legal Issues Date:   Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 Time: 2:00 PM ET (1:00 PM CT) Fee:  Free Duration: 1 hour REGISTER NOW Join us to hear from a well-known labor attorney about proliferating risks – and best practices to avoid them — in such areas as [Read More…]

Hardee’s Onboarding Success Story – Compliance that Pays

Hourly and high turnover businesses face a number of distinct challenges when onboarding new employees. Huge risk for failure to comply with Form I-9 regulations, compounded by the high hiring rate Difficulty enforcing a consistent process with multiple locations Missed opportunity with failure to maximize on WOTC screening and processing Daunting challenge to keep up [Read More…]

Hardee’s & PacSun Webinar– Onboarding Compliance That Pays For Itself

What can a retailer get out of an electronic onboarding system? Or a casual dining chain? How about cutting onboarding time from 4 hours per new hire to a half an hour? How about improving WOTC screening compliance from 16% to 99%? Those are the kinds of results youth clothing retailer Pacific Sunwear got. Debra [Read More…]

Bill Passes to Eliminate NY WTPA Annual Notifications & Increases Penalties for New Hire Notifications

On Thursday, June 19th a bill was passed that will eliminate the annual notification requirement for the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA).  Assuming Governor Cuomo signs the bill, as expected, New York state employers will no longer have to distribute the WTPA notices to all employees between January and February of each year.  [Read More…]