Expect Increasing Demand for Data in Mortgage Lending

Austin Kilgore, managing editor for National Mortgage News and Mortgage Technology, released a series of stories at the end of last year previewing the biggest trends in 2015 for mortgage. In his article, “2015 Technology Outlook:  Data, Data and More Data”, Kilgore discusses the ongoing push for more robust loan data in 2015 as market participants [Read More…]

Webinar – eSignatures and compliance – bullish on eSignature adoption

A group of over 200 webinar attendees showed themselves bullish about eSignatures at a webinar discussing electronic signature legal issues. The webinar addressed the legal background for eSignatures and electronic records in general for mortgage lending. Margo Tank, counsel for Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA) as well as a leading eCommerce lawyer and partner at [Read More…]

Webinar: Leveraging eSignatures for Better Compliance in Mortgage Lending

Webinar:  Leveraging eSignatures for Better Compliance in Mortgage Lending Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 Time: 1:00 PM ET Hear the legal counsel to the Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA) discuss both best practices for incorporating electronic records throughout the life of a mortgage loan, as well as the power of electronic signatures as a [Read More…]

Property Valuation, Risk Mitigation and Earning Customer Confidence

In order to improve loan quality, lenders should evaluate a borrower’s potential undisclosed debt and determine the appropriate valuation for the property.

Compliance is Not the Issue

The adoption of technology can counter some of the unintended consequences of today’s complex mortgage environment.  Keeping up with consumer demand for an electronic mortgage process not only provides a significantly better experience for the prospective borrower but also incorporates cost saving processes for a lender. In this article, Equifax’s Jeff Knott discusses how electronic [Read More…]

Clearing the Way for Electronic Signatures

Scotsman Guide recently published an article online, “Clearing the Way for Electronic Signatures” by Jeff Knott, assistant vice president, Equifax Verification Services, giving an overview of the FHA’s announcement about its expanded acceptance of electronic signatures and what it means for the mortgage industry. As those in the mortgage industry know, before the Department of Housing [Read More…]

How do you Manage ATR for HELOC Originations?

During a recent webinar discussing best practices for achieving QM/ATR compliance, we asked over 500 attendees how they manage ATR for HELOC originations, with the possibility to choose from three responses: No verification of income Verification of income for line amounts over a $-threshold Verification of income for all HELOC originations 87 percent of respondents [Read More…]