Don’t Let Big Data Hinder Your Business

You have a lot of customer data — housed in a lot of different locations. You’re working hard to make sense of it so you can better understand your customers and advance your business. You’ve set objectives for how to use it, hired data engineers and data scientists, and even written algorithms. So…how’s all that [Read More…]

James Taylor, decision management expert, reviews InterConnect®

James Taylor, CEO and Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions recently reviewed InterConnect®, the premier  decision management system from Equifax.  Decision Management Solutions, leading experts in decision management consulting, specialize in helping organizations build decision-centric, action-oriented systems and processes using decision management, business rules, and advanced analytic technologies. In his review, Taylor said “Equifax InterConnect [Read More…]

Risk Management: Increasing Credit to Bolster Bottom Line Growth

Current customers are your best source of revenue. Learn how extending credit and strategically managing customer credit lines can maximize relationships

Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget: Using Consumer Buying Behavior to Increase Marketing ROI

With the right technology and insight into consumer buying behavior, companies can increase marketing campaign ROI with more strategic campaigns.

More Balance Transfer Applications Through Better Consumer Research

How can better data help you find and land more balance transfer candidates? Here we explore how to target prospects without unwanted marketing expenses.

Time Series Data: Capture Trends to Boost Your Business

Time series data highlights critical trends for any business looking to mitigate risk.

Marketing Profitability Gets a Boost With New Analytics Tools

In a time of slim profit margins, every advantage counts when trying to boost marketing profitability. Here’s what one credit card company did for theirs.

Help Protect Your Business Proactively With Predictive Risk

There is little doubt that analytics improves the accuracy of predictive risk. Here is what one firm did to improve their model and find the right customer

High Spenders v. Low Spenders: How to More Effectively Identify Them

Most lenders and financial institutions prefer working with high spenders versus low spenders. However, the best methods for identifying high spenders elude many credit risk specialists. Here are some simple guidelines to help you understand how to better and more effectively identify high-spending consumers in any group. Knowledge is power Unlike many financial disciplines, within [Read More…]

Help Generate Additional Revenue With High-Spending Customers

Segmenting your customer base into low- and high-spending customers is standard procedure for most sophisticated marketers these days. But the way you segment customers can have profound impacts on your year-over-year revenue growth. Identifying and cultivating your high-spending customers will naturally tend to multiply their purchase activities with you — which is far preferable and [Read More…]