2018 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference: 3 Reasons to Make a Beeline for the Equifax Booth

With June quickly approaching, the Equifax team is counting down to HCI’s 2018 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference, the go-to place for talent acquisition and recruitment strategists to optimize their TA function.  Did we mention that this year’s conference takes place in the gorgeous city of Miami, Florida? If you are attending this year’s Strategic Talent Acquisition [Read More…]

You’ll Never Look at Graduate Outcomes Insights the Same Way Again

For years, there’s been a buzz about higher education institutions improving student outcomes. And today, institutions are more accountable than ever for delivering meaningful student, and graduate outcomes insights on the value their degree and certificate programs provide to graduates and the economy. Unfortunately, reliable and longitudinal data has not been widely available, and Institutional [Read More…]

Student Outcome Measurement – Finally, a 360-Degree View

We’re living in an era of accountability, and higher education institutions know this all too well when it comes to student outcome measurement. It has become increasingly important to use data to help measure the impact a higher education degree and certificate program can have on the career progression of graduates and the economy. Many [Read More…]

A Simple Way to Improve Quality in Talent Acquisition

Because of her unique experience in the talent acquisition market, we asked Madeline Laurano, co-founder of Aptitude Research Partners to discuss a few of the results from their latest talent acquisition survey and how organizations can help simplify identifying quality hires. A Simple Way to Improve Quality in Talent Acquisition Author: Madeline Laurano According to [Read More…]

Talent Acquisition: Stop saying “I think” and start saying “I know”

Recruiting is evolving, and employers are hard-pressed to beat out the competition for top talent.  In just a few days, hundreds of recruiting and talent acquisition professionals will gather in Nashville, TN at the upcoming 2018 RecruitCon Conference to talk shop about the tools and tactics they can use to help sharpen their talent acquisition [Read More…]

A Simple Way to Identify Quality Hires and Avoid the Bad Hire

Webinar: A Simple Way to Identify Quality Hires and Avoid the Bad Hire In the quest to relieve the talent squeeze, it can be difficult to quickly identify quality hires. While time spent completing candidate screening– is necessary, especially when it comes to finding the right person for the job, talent acquisition professionals are also feeling [Read More…]

4 Tips for Discovering Technology Solutions for Talent Acquisition

4 Tips for Discovering Technology Solutions for Talent Acquisition As the labor pool shrinks, the competition for talent increases. To be competitive, talent acquisition practitioners need to push forward and go the extra mile in enhancing their talent acquisition processes. The ERE Recruiting Conference provides an exclusive environment for recruiting and talent acquisition leaders to [Read More…]

Avoid These 4 Mistakes if You Receive IRS Letter 226J

If your organization received IRS Letter 226J, it likely means the IRS has determined that your organization did not comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate for the 2015 tax year. Given the complexity of the law coupled with the finite amount of time for employers to respond, managing a response to IRS [Read More…]

3 Tips to Boost Your Experience at the SACCR Conference

In just a matter of days, many higher education professionals will be heading to Savannah, GA for the widely-anticipated 46th Annual Southeastern Association for Community College Research Conference (SACCR). This must-attend event is a great place to learn about graduate outcome strategies that are helping institutions enhance educational excellence. Conferences can be overwhelming and may feel [Read More…]

IRS Letter 226J – The Letter No Employer Wants to Receive.

IRS Letter 226J marked the beginning of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) enforcement of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate. It’s the letter no employer wants to receive and many employers are shocked when they do. Unless an employer responds to the IRS by the response date noted on the letter with an explanation [Read More…]