ETS Tax intelligence: Mitigation of Overpaid SUI Tax

Situation There are numerous ways that employers are at risk for overpaying state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax. This is especially true with employers that operate in multiple taxing jurisdictions and/or have employees performing services in more than one state or jurisdiction during a calendar year. Solution To avoid or mitigate overpaid unemployment taxes, an employer [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence – SUI Tax Rate Forecasting

Situation As mentioned in last month’s issue of Tax Intelligence, for a majority of states the date used to calculate state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax rates for the forthcoming calendar year is June 30th, which is known as the computation date.  So while most of the employer-specific information used by state workforce agencies in calculating [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence: State Unemployment Tax Economic Update

In a majority of states, employer-specific factors (benefit charges, taxable payroll, tax contributions, and reserve account balances) used in calculating 2018 state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax rates will be fixed as of June 30, 2017.  However, there are still unknown legislative and economic factors that could have an impact on 2018 and future SUI tax [Read More…]