About Torrey Weaver

Torrey is the Tax Research Manager for Equifax Workforce Solutions. He has over 17 years of experience in the area of corporate tax, with particular focus on tax credits and incentives. His experience includes account management, research, and client incentive analysis. Torrey joined Equifax through the acquisition of TALX Corporation in 2007. He holds a BBA in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from Stephen F. Austin University, and a MBA from University of Phoenix.

Bill Proposed to Renew Employer Tax Credits

The IEC and FEZ Employer Tax Credits are up for Renewal At the end of 2017, Senator Orrin G. Hatch (UT-R) introduced a bill to continue to promote employment opportunities within the Tax Extender Act of 2017 (SB 2256).   In particular, there are two long-standing federal employer tax credits up for renewal that business should be [Read More…]

Tax Incentives Compliance – Redeeming and Maintaining Incentives

Congratulations! Your company just secured a lucrative negotiated incentives package. Your benefits might include tax credits for creating jobs, property tax abatements for new investment and grants for training employees. Your job is done, right? Sorry! The journey has just begun… The most important part of receiving a negotiated incentives benefits package is the incentive [Read More…]

Bulletin: TCI – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Tax Credits

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Tax Credits Situation If your company is searching for tax credits, a very important piece of the puzzle is accurate GIS (or location) data.  Using the science of mapping, GIS enhances a company’s tax credits by identifying a company’s tax-favored zone location.  GIS technology can help make location determinations to [Read More…]

Bulletin – TCI: Federal Tax Credits Set to Expire

CALL FOR ACTION: Federal Tax Credits set to expire Situation The Federal Empowerment Zone Tax Credit (EZ) and the Federal Indian Employment Credit (IEC) are set to expire December 31, 2016. These extremely popular federal tax credits encourage investment, improve employment opportunities, and stimulate growth in distressed communities. These credits have faced elimination before, but [Read More…]

Bulletin: TCI – Tennessee Job and Community Resurgence Tax Credits

Situation As a move to fight poverty throughout the state, the Tennessee legislators have expanded the traditional Tennessee Job Tax Credit program by creating the Community Resurgence Job Tax Credit.  This expanded program which was approved in 2015, is available to all Tennessee businesses. Solution The State of Tennessee offers two Job Tax Credits to [Read More…]

Bulletin: TCI – Investment Tax Incentives

Situation In an effort to attract new capital investment inside their borders, many state governments throughout the United States offer some form of investment tax incentive.  Currently, over 45 states have investment incentive programs where a new or expanding business might qualify for an income/franchise tax credit, tax exemption, refund or rebate.  These programs offer [Read More…]

US Department of Labor Releases New and Updated WOTC Forms to OMB

The United States Department of Labor has recently released new and updated Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) forms to the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) for emergency clearance authorization. The request is being made to allow for additional information collection needed to comply with the recently passed Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, [Read More…]

Bulletin: Tax Credits and Incentives – 2015 Legislative Highlights

Situation 2015 was a busy year for state and federal legislators who made major decisions on the future of key tax credit and incentive programs.  In December 2015, businesses were overjoyed when the federal government succeeded in extending long popular tax credit hiring programs. However, on a more somber note, most state legislators (apart from [Read More…]

TCI Tax Intelligence: Colorado Enterprise Zone Update

Situation The Colorado Economic Development Commission is currently in the process of a major overhaul of the boundaries for its Enterprise Zone Program for 2016. The most significant changes include additional zones in Larimer, Mesa, and Pueblo Counties, and expansions for Park and Weld Counties. Denver and surrounding cities also saw a lot of movement. [Read More…]

Florida addresses pending closure of Enterprise Zone Program

The Florida Department of Revenue has recently issued Tax Information Publication (TIP) #15ADM-04, which addresses the pending closure of the Enterprise Zone Program.  With the exception of exemptions granted to companies contracted with the state for specific incentives, the program will be sunsetting on December 31, 2015.  In the TIP, the Department of Revenue addresses [Read More…]