The Key to Reducing Write-Offs for Communications and Utility Service Providers

Two service providers change their processes and achieve stunning results When you think of credit risk assessment, you think of an essential front-end process required for all new accounts. Have you considered changing that process to get better results? Have you thought about incorporating a risk review using alternative data into other parts of the [Read More…]

Communications and Utility Providers – Expand Your Market by Expanding Your View

Communications and Utility Service Providers Can Expand Their Market by Expanding Their View Here’s a quick quiz for service providers in the communications, pay TV and utility industries: You’re assessing the credit risk of new applicants and need access to the most complete view of their payment profile. You can: a) rely on your internal [Read More…]

Northeastern Utility Credit and Collection Conference Attendees Gain Clarity on Credit Bureau Reporting Requirements

The 2017 Northeastern Utility Credit and Collection (NEUCC) conference will be held at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, New Jersey, October 11-13. Each year professionals from utility service providers attend the event to network and gain useful information about advanced collection strategies, regulatory news and related topics. This year Equifax will be presenting “The Fundamentals [Read More…]

Discover New Ways to Mitigate Risk at the TRMA Conference for Telecommunications and Utilities

Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) Conference – September 19-20, 2017 Credit and risk professionals in the telecommunications, pay TV and utility industries convene twice a year at a collaborative conference for members of the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA). Similar to Equifax, the goal of the TRMA is to help reduce risk, fraud and uncollectibles. [Read More…]

Communications and Utility Service Providers Solve the Credit Conundrum at Annual NCTUE Conference in San Diego

It’s that time of year again—time for credit and risk professionals in the Telecommunications, Pay TV, Utility and Home Security industries to join their peers at the NCTUE® Annual Conference! This year’s event takes place at the US Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego, California, November 8 – 9. If you’ve never attended this intimate, open-forum [Read More…]

What Utility Service Providers Need to Know about Credit Bureau Reporting – Watch the webinar

The Fundamentals of Credit Bureau Reporting and What Utilities Need to Know – Clarifying the Requirements and Dispelling the Myths On August 10, 2017 the Monticello Consulting Group and Equifax hosted an educational webinar designed specifically for utility service providers. Equifax described the lifecycle of a utility account, its associated credit file and the corresponding reporting requirements. [Read More…]

When it Comes to Protecting Consumer Data, Be Progressive

As consumers become more accustomed to interacting with their service providers via mobile and online channels, security becomes a top concern for telecom, utility and pay TV companies. Moreover, personally identifiable information (PII) is often necessary to establish service, evaluate credit risk, and determine deposit requirements. With so much data at stake, taking progressive steps to protect your customers’ [Read More…]

Need Clarity on Credit Bureau Reporting? Don’t Miss this Webinar for Utility Service Providers

Clarifying the Requirements and Dispelling the Myths Get your most pressing questions answered during this rare opportunity to hear from a panel of experts that will shed light on regulatory challenges and common areas of uncertainty related to reporting consumer credit data to credit bureaus. Register here. Hosted by the Monticello Consulting Group, this educational webinar [Read More…]

Former AT&T Global Exec Ken Ray Joins Equifax as the new SVP of Communications & Digital Media

As a leader serving the Communications, Utilities and Digital Media industry, Equifax continues to invest in delivering the most innovative and impactful solutions to our customers in Communications, Pay-TV, Home Security and Utilities.  One key investment has been in building a dedicated and experienced team of experts to focus on this complex vertical. With this [Read More…]

Service Companies Can Help Minimize Security Risk with a Safe Haven for Customer Data

Hackers. They steal and sell data, especially at the point of sale and during customer acquisition periods. No customer wants their personally identifiable information (PII) floating around loose in the world, especially when they shared it with a company that maintains a trusted reputation. Likewise, your company wants to do its utmost to protect your [Read More…]