Bulletin: Deadline to Use New WOTC Forms is Here

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As we previously reported, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) set an end date of April 11, 2017 for the grace period for using previous versions of certain Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) forms. In early March, the DOL released an updated version of the following two forms:

Any new certification requests submitted as of April 11, 2017 require use of the new versions of these forms.
All existing WOTC Management clients of Equifax Workforce Solutions using either online or phone screening require no action.  All of the system-generated forms have been updated.
For those clients who continue to screen manually, by paper, updated versions of the applicable forms were distributed in March.   Any paper screening clients who have not already begun using the new forms should do so immediately, but definitely no later than April 11, 2017.  Please discard unused copies of the older versions of the forms.
Equifax Workforce Solutions continues to monitor notifications from the United States Department of Labor and other government agencies for any changes that may affect the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  Any paper screening clients should inquire about whether switching to online screening makes sense for their organization.  As noted above, one of the main benefits to you is the reduction of administrative burden that stems from transitioning to newer forms, as Equifax ensures the online screening system uses all of the latest and most current versions of WOTC related forms.  Additionally, our customized and innovative screening processes help to improve identification of eligible employees.

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