Bulletin: Faster Employment Verifications Needed to Improve Hiring Process

Faster Employment Verifications Needed to Improve Hiring Process

Employers today face a rise in fraudulent documents including, resumes and pay stubs provided during the application process. Technology is enabling ease of creation and access to these fraudulent documents through numerous online listings and blog posts.

Research shows that 53% of resumes and job applications contain falsifications.  Resume falsification statistics indicate:

  • 78% are misleading
  • 21% state fraudulent degrees
  • 29% show altered employment dates
  • 40% have inflated salary claims
  • 33% have inaccurate job descriptions
  • 27% give falsified reference

Employers are trying to combat fraud through background screening to verify candidate reported information.  A recent study conducted by HR.com for the National Association of Professional Background Screeners shows that 96% of respondents indicated that their organization performs one or more types of employment background screening, highlighting the value that employers see in screening candidates.  At the same time, nearly two in three (62%) respondents stated that the length of time to get results is the most significant challenge facing their organization when conducting background screens.

Talent acquisition today has evolved from a very tactical process (reactive recruitment) to a strategic initiative (next generation talent acquisition).  Recruiters must balance finding the right candidate and aligning with corporate objectives while still managing time-to-fill.  To meet these increasing demands hiring managers need an efficient solution to help identify better candidates and verify candidate reported information, quickly.


Real-time Verification of Employment (VOE), powered by The Work Number®, helps improve the quality of your candidate pool.

  • Delivers a critical yet efficient touch point for roles not currently background checked
  • Drives efficiency into the screening process by quickly filtering the candidate pool using employer-provided data
  • Reduces the reliance on applicant-provided information and time-consuming manual verifications

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