ETS Tax Intelligence: Pre-Acquisition SUI Tax Planning

Situation While state unemployment insurance (”SUI”) taxes rarely drive a company’s decision relating to the structure of a merger, acquisition, internal workforce reorganization/restructuring, or divestiture (“M&A”) transaction, pre-acquisition planning can help shape the timing and final organizational structure that can result in significant tax cost savings. Solution An acquiring employer has the responsibility, perhaps obligation, [Read More…]

#HRSTRONGER – See you at Gulf Coast Symposium next week

Next week’s Gulf Coast Symposium 2018 event is going to be packed full of innovative, educational information!  There are so many great sessions from which to choose.  As you plan, be sure to include the insightful presentation from Equifax Matt Kaufer, VP Employment Tax Services, as he presents on the Best Practices in the Unemployment [Read More…]

ETS Tax intelligence: Mitigation of Overpaid SUI Tax

Situation There are numerous ways that employers are at risk for overpaying state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax. This is especially true with employers that operate in multiple taxing jurisdictions and/or have employees performing services in more than one state or jurisdiction during a calendar year. Solution To avoid or mitigate overpaid unemployment taxes, an employer [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence: Actionable Insights Using TaxManager

Situation Those charged with managing state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax accounts for an organization can be overwhelmed by the volume of data issued each tax rate season. This data must be reviewed, and analyzed for accuracy and the surfacing of savings opportunities. Solution The Equifax unemployment platform, TaxManager, delivers actionable insight to optimize unemployment tax [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence: Beginning of Year Workforce Restructurings

Situation To avoid complications that can occur with mid-year transfers of employees under the same organizational umbrella, many organizations wait for the beginning of a calendar year to implement organizational changes necessary to achieve strategic initiatives. Organizational changes can take many forms and be referenced in many different ways, including: internal reorganizations, consolidations, spin-offs, mergers, [Read More…]

ETS Tax intelligence: 2018 Joint Account Strategies

Situation The 2018 state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax rate season is underway. In addition to utilizing tax rate forecasting to prevent unexpected outcomes (see August 2017 ETS Tax Intelligence), several states allow statutory elections, such as joint accounts, that can be implemented to reduce an employer’s overall SUI tax burden. Solution The formation of a [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence – SUI Tax Rate Forecasting

Situation As mentioned in last month’s issue of Tax Intelligence, for a majority of states the date used to calculate state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax rates for the forthcoming calendar year is June 30th, which is known as the computation date.  So while most of the employer-specific information used by state workforce agencies in calculating [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence: State Unemployment Tax Economic Update

In a majority of states, employer-specific factors (benefit charges, taxable payroll, tax contributions, and reserve account balances) used in calculating 2018 state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax rates will be fixed as of June 30, 2017.  However, there are still unknown legislative and economic factors that could have an impact on 2018 and future SUI tax [Read More…]

ETS Tax Intelligence: Achieving a Successful M&A Transaction

Situation When contemplating a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or divestiture (“M&A”) transaction, a structured, cohesive plan can assist employers in achieving desired outcomes.  Continuing from last month’s ETS Tax Intelligence, which focused on implementing a successful M&A transaction, the fourth and final phase focuses on the Post-Implementation requirements of the strategic plan (a/k/a the follow-up phase). [Read More…]

Ready to Rock at APA Congress

In two weeks, thousands of Payroll professionals will travel to Orlando for the 35th annual APA Congress to network, share best practices, and attend sessions delivered by industry experts. If you’re attending APA Congress, be sure to stop by the Equifax booth at #415 to learn about solutions to help Payroll, Tax, and HR professionals, including the nearly [Read More…]