Identity and Fraud Focus

Service Companies Can Help Minimize Security Risk with a Safe Haven for Customer Data

Hackers. They steal and sell data, especially at the point of sale and during customer acquisition periods. No customer wants their personally identifiable information (PII) floating around loose in the world, especially when they shared it with a company that maintains a trusted reputation. Likewise, your company wants to do its utmost to protect your [Read More…]

Webinar On Demand: Military Lending Act – Credit Card Compliance

The next phase of The Military Lending Act (MLA) Final Rule will take effect October 3, 2017, requiring credit card issuers to include a determination of an applicant’s military “covered borrower” status for all covered consumer credit applications. Will you be ready? Join Equifax for an informative webinar to help you better prepare for MLA [Read More…]

Visit Equifax at the ACFE Global Fraud Conference

Say “yes” to more applicants while reducing the cost of fraud, protecting your reputation and improving the customer experience Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Global Fraud Conference June 18-23, 2017 | Music City Center | Nashville, TN From synthetic ID to anti-money laundering (AML) tools, Equifax leverages powerful insights to help you win against [Read More…]

Preventing and Prevailing over Synthetic ID Fraud

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to fraud and the growth in technology. The bad news is that fraudsters have easier access to the consumer data they need to build synthetic IDs. The good news is thanks to technology, telecommunications pay TV and utility companies are better armed mitigate losses by detecting [Read More…]

Webinar On Demand: Q2 U.S. Economic and Credit Trends Outlook from Equifax

Listen now  as Chief Economist Amy Crews Cutts delivers insights that can help drive strategic growth at your organization. During this webinar, Amy will discuss: U.S. Economic Overview Special Report: Recession Outlook U.S. Consumer Credit Trends Whether you’re looking to benchmark against industry trends, better forecast your book of business, or monitor shifts in the [Read More…]

A Real Way to Fight the Threat of Fake IDs

You probably know someone who’s had their identity stolen. You may have even been a victim yourself. But what happens when fraudsters steal bits and pieces of identities and then create an identity for a person who doesn’t exist? And use that synthetic identity to acquire wireless service, establish an account for electricity, turn on [Read More…]

5 Steps to Win against Fraud for the Telecommunications, Pay TV and Utility industries

Winning against fraud in the Telecommunications, Pay TV and Utility industries requires striking a balance between optimal customer experiences and mitigating losses. Achieving this balance can be possible when these five steps are combined: tools, data and analytics, customer data, exchanges, and system flexibility. Let’s review more in-depth how these steps work together to help [Read More…]