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I-9 Anywhere Solution Expanded: Greater Convenience for Remote I-9 Compliance

I-9 Anywhere® is Now Even More Convenient for HR Managers and New Hires We’re excited to announce the expansion of our I-9 Anywhere solution. We have a new partner network and new Section 2 completer options! Remote I-9 compliance is more convenient for HR Managers and their new hires. To complete Section 2 of Form [Read More…]

ETS Tax intelligence: Mitigation of Overpaid SUI Tax

Situation There are numerous ways that employers are at risk for overpaying state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax. This is especially true with employers that operate in multiple taxing jurisdictions and/or have employees performing services in more than one state or jurisdiction during a calendar year. Solution To avoid or mitigate overpaid unemployment taxes, an employer [Read More…]

White Paper: Worksite Enforcement Is Increasing; I-9 Compliance Is Essential

Worksite Enforcement is On the Rise Over the past year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has communicated that one of its top priorities is immigration enforcement. While border wall negotiations and legislative debates are likely to continue, there’s no doubt this renewed focus on immigration has immediate implications for human resources professionals through increased [Read More…]

Do Retail Store Closures Affect How Consumers Pay Their Private Label Credit Cards?

In our changing retail landscape, many stores are closing and retail chains head into bankruptcy. Consumers who owe money on their private label credit card may wonder what it means when their local store disappears or the retail chain liquidates. Some consumers could decide not to pay their debt, either thinking “why should I pay?” [Read More…]

A Simple Way to Identify Quality Hires and Avoid the Bad Hire

Webinar: A Simple Way to Identify Quality Hires and Avoid the Bad Hire In the quest to relieve the talent squeeze, it can be difficult to quickly identify quality hires. While time spent completing candidate screening– is necessary, especially when it comes to finding the right person for the job, talent acquisition professionals are also feeling [Read More…]

April 2018 Briefly: An Unemployment Case Analysis

Case Analysis: Claimant Discharged for Theft, but Allowed Benefits by ALJ Background The claimant was discharged for theft. She was allowed benefits upon a finding that she was discharged, but not for misconduct connected with the work. The employer appealed, and a hearing was scheduled before an administrative law judge (ALJ). At the Hearing The [Read More…]

WEBINAR: WOTC Secrets Reveled – Tips for HR and Tax Pros

The Secrets to WOTC Success: Tips for HR and Tax Pros Register now to reserve your spot to this WOTC Webinar! Can’t attend? Register anyway to receive a recording link after the live event. Join us on May 9th at 12pm CT to uncover the secrets to WOTC success!  In this webinar, you’ll learn proven strategies [Read More…]

To Appeal or Not to Appeal an Unemployment Claim?

When Should Employers Appeal an Unemployment Claim? Purpose of the unemployment appeal process When benefits are awarded, it can seem like there are no other options for an employer, should you disagree with the ruling.  However, the unemployment appeal process gives both employers and claimants another chance to review how state eligibility rules were applied. While you may [Read More…]

Webinar Highlights: Top HR Unemployment Documentation Tips

HR Unemployment Documentation and Risk HR unemployment documentation can open up your organization to risk, including a higher tax rate.   Let us show you how to reduce both, by stopping common unemployment documentation mistakes. We pulled together top tips from our Best Practices in HR Unemployment Documentation webinar that you can view right now! Hear [Read More…]

Retaining I-9s – How to Manage Hidden I-9 Risk, Tips and Technology from I-9 Experts

In our recent webinar, Better I-9 Compliance – How to Audit I-9s the Right Way, we polled employers to learn how they manage retaining I-9s for terminated employees. When we asked how, or if, they purge those historical I-9s a whopping 88% of respondents either do not have a process in place, utilize a manual [Read More…]