July 2018 Briefly: An Unemployment Case Analysis

Background The claimant was discharged for appearing at work under the influence of alcohol. He was disqualified from benefits upon a finding that he was discharged for misconduct connected with the work. He appealed. A hearing was scheduled before an administrative law judge. At the Hearing The Employer’s Evidence: The claimant’s manager and two witnesses [Read More…]

How Businesses Balance Convenience and Digital Security

First, the good news: digital commerce is living up to its promise. Consider these numbers: 52% of all e-commerce traffic globally is from a mobile device[1] While 31% of orders are placed on mobile devices, 40% of traffic from buyers is on a mobile device[2] 53% of smartphone users are actively using mobile banking[3] So, [Read More…]

Equifax Workforce Solutions wins 2018 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Award for Pre-Employment Screening Services

We are truly honoured to announce that Equifax Workforce Solutions has been chosen by the readers of  Canadian HR Reporter, a division of Thomson Reuters, as one of the best service providers in Canada supporting Pre-Employment Screening Services with our Verification Exchange solution. More than 65,000 votes were cast this year as part of the [Read More…]

Retail Credit Cards: The Correlation between Retailer Health and Payment Performance

This is the first of a two-part blog series written by guest author, Cristian deRitis, senior director of Consumer Credit Analytics at Moody’s Analytics. Cristian develops credit models for a variety of asset classes and provides regular analysis and commentary on consumer credit, housing, mortgage markets, securitization, and financial regulatory.  Based on data from CreditForecast.com, delinquency rates on [Read More…]

In Search of the Purple Squirrel: Top 3 Reasons to Use Pre-Employment Verifications

In Search of the Purple Squirrel: Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Use Pre-Employment Verifications Every decision we make is impacted by what we consider to be true – the same holds true for HR and talent leaders in their quest to find the “purple squirrel”, the ideal candidate whose experience and qualifications align [Read More…]

Mock Unemployment Hearing: Verbal Harassment

Unemployment Hearing Coming Up? Get the Tips you Need! Feeling overwhelmed with the burden of trying to prep for an unemployment hearing? Not sure what the best practices are for securing and presenting the right documents? Anxiety bubbling up as you think about how to effectively cross-examine a witness? Then this webinar is for you! [Read More…]

See our latest unemployment session at #HRFL!

Register today for our unemployment tips seminar at HR Florida! Join us at HR Florida Conference and Expo this year!  Our employment tax expert, Matt Kaufer, will be presenting at the show on Wednesday, August 29th at 9:45am.  In Matt’s session, Critical Unemployment Management Tips plus When a Natural Disaster Strikes, he will will be [Read More…]

Employee Onboarding: Your Guide to I-9 Compliance for Off-Site Employees

Employee Onboarding Best Practices:  Getting Off-Site Employees On Board with I-9 Compliance How to Comply with Your Remote Workforce We know that off-site is the new on-site as more and more companies move toward a dispersed workforce. As a result, this can create a unique challenge for Human Resources professionals tasked with managing employee onboarding. [Read More…]

Synthetic ID Fraud: Understand It, So You Can Stop It

Communications, Energy, Digital Media Providers Face New Challenges Online and mobile-based platforms are changing how fraudsters operate. These faceless channels have enabled them to move past simple point-of-sale transactions involving stolen credit cards or stolen identities. Now fraudsters use more sophisticated schemes involving synthetic identity (ID) fraud to exploit stolen products, services, and money for [Read More…]