Why is Everyone Talking about Student Outcome Measurement?

The higher education landscape has shifted. Everyone is talking about student outcome measurement. Prospective students, parents, and even legislators now seek out the track record of institutions’ degree completions, job placements, and earnings potential. In turn, proving program value, enhancing curriculum, improving student success, and access to quality outcome data are now common threads discussed [Read More…]

How Businesses Balance Convenience and Digital Security

First, the good news: digital commerce is living up to its promise. Consider these numbers: 52% of all e-commerce traffic globally is from a mobile device[1] While 31% of orders are placed on mobile devices, 40% of traffic from buyers is on a mobile device[2] 53% of smartphone users are actively using mobile banking[3] So, [Read More…]

Retail Credit Cards: The Correlation between Retailer Health and Payment Performance

This is the first of a two-part blog series written by guest author, Cristian deRitis, senior director of Consumer Credit Analytics at Moody’s Analytics. Cristian develops credit models for a variety of asset classes and provides regular analysis and commentary on consumer credit, housing, mortgage markets, securitization, and financial regulatory.  Based on data from CreditForecast.com, delinquency rates on [Read More…]

How Financial Network, Inc. is helping customers with The Work Number

Financial Network, Inc. (FNI) recently joined forces with Equifax to provide employment and income verification solutions to customers through a connection to  The Work Number® (TWN) database — the nation’s largest centralized repository of employment and income information provided directly from employers. We asked Phil Mazza, FNI’s CEO, about the relationship and how it will [Read More…]

Next-Gen Credit Risk Modeling is Changing Everything

Banks and lenders want to deliver broader financial inclusion that enables them to score and approve more customers. But they don’t want to increase their risk levels. Traditional credit risk modeling techniques, such as logistic regression, have helped with this. But only to a point because of their limited, linear nature. First Solution to Use [Read More…]

Synthetic ID Fraud: Understand It, So You Can Stop It

Communications, Energy, Digital Media Providers Face New Challenges Online and mobile-based platforms are changing how fraudsters operate. These faceless channels have enabled them to move past simple point-of-sale transactions involving stolen credit cards or stolen identities. Now fraudsters use more sophisticated schemes involving synthetic identity (ID) fraud to exploit stolen products, services, and money for [Read More…]

Surprising Trends About Consumer Debt

New findings from the latest Equifax® National Consumer Credit Trends Report include: Mortgage debt now makes up a smaller portion of total consumer debt The makeup of non-mortgage debt has changed: student debt has soared, while credit card debt has decreased More Highlights from Recent Press Coverage Why store-branded credit card delinquencies hit 7-year high | [Read More…]

Don’t Let Big Data Hinder Your Business

You have a lot of customer data — housed in a lot of different locations. You’re working hard to make sense of it so you can better understand your customers and advance your business. You’ve set objectives for how to use it, hired data engineers and data scientists, and even written algorithms. So…how’s all that [Read More…]