Communications and Utility Service Providers: Optimized Digital Experiences Help Maximize Performance

GO TO NEWSLETTER The Q4 issue of Equifax Quarterly Insights focuses on how communications, digital media and utility service providers can enhance consumer experiences and profitability in a digital society. Digitization offers communications and utility service providers an opportunity to align with consumer expectations around efficient, seamless and personalized interactions – an element that is vital to [Read More…]

The Key to Reducing Write-Offs for Communications and Utility Service Providers

Two service providers change their processes and achieve stunning results When you think of credit risk assessment, you think of an essential front-end process required for all new accounts. Have you considered changing that process to get better results? Have you thought about incorporating a risk review using alternative data into other parts of the [Read More…]

Webinar On Demand: Q4 U.S. Economic and Credit Trend Outlook

This quarterly webinar series is aimed at helping you make more informed decisions, with economic and consumer credit insights from across the U.S. Join Equifax as chief economist Amy Crews Cutts welcomes guest speaker Cristian deRitis, senior director at Moody’s Analytics. During this webinar, Amy and Cristian will present: • U.S. Macroeconomic Overview In this section, [Read More…]

Digital Transformation—Meet the Needs of Evolving Consumer Expectations

Digital devices have enabled consumers to do more on-the-go. And as communications and utility providers continue to transform their technology and offerings to accommodate this fast-paced, high-interaction reality, consumers expect more from each touchpoint. Consumers are driving the move to connected digital experiences that allow them to call the shots. Low friction, digital experiences mean [Read More…]

Communications and Utility Service Providers: Annual NCTUE Conference Attendees Explored Balancing Customer Expectations and Risk

The 2017 NCTUE® Annual Conference wrapped up on November 9th and a great time was had by all at this year’s event held in San Diego, CA. Founded in 1997, the NCTUE is a consortium of telecommunications, pay TV, home security and utility service providers that anonymously share consumer payment information to help its members [Read More…]

It’s Almost Here… Register Now: Q4 U.S. Economic and Credit Trends Outlook Webinar

There is still time to register for the Q4 U.S. Economic and Credit Trends Outlook webinar from Equifax. This quarterly webinar series is aimed at helping you make more informed decisions, with economic and consumer credit insights from across the U.S. Join Equifax Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 3:00 pm ET as chief economist Amy Crews [Read More…]

Reach the Right Millennials Through Their Devices

After a long day of work, it is unlikely that you will find Millennials standing around reading their mail the way that Boomers might. In fact, many Millennials don’t even check their mailboxes more than a few times a week. If you’re a marketer, the place to reach Millennials is through their devices – mobile, [Read More…]

4 Ways Data and Analytics Can Help Accelerate Your Lead in Customer Acquisition

As competition heats up in the customer acquisition race, you recognize the need to adjust your strategy. According to McKinsey & Company’s 2015 CMO Survey(1), companies that power their campaigns with advanced data and insights outperform their competitors on profits, sales, sales growth and return on investment (ROI). Reliable, direct-measured consumer economic data, and analytics [Read More…]

Promoting the Advantages of OTT May Help Boost Advertising Revenue for OTT Providers

The last time we looked at over-the-top (OTT) media, we covered how content providers have the potential to achieve higher viewer retention by leveraging deeper consumer insights. Customers can be targeted and segmented by personal attributes such as lifestyle and passions, as opposed to general demographic attributes like age or gender. Once an audience is [Read More…]

3 Signs the Wrong Analytics Strategy For Customer Acquisition May Be Causing a Disconnect

Most communications and digital media companies already follow some sort of segmentation strategy, taking their existing data sets and analyzing them to identify which customers provide high value, and predict which prospects have a potentially high lifetime customer value. Advanced analytics are powering segmentation, customer acquisition, and churn prevention. But in today’s all-too-competitive environment, where [Read More…]