Remote I-9 Webinar: Overcoming Compliance Obstacles to Get it Right Anywhere

Remote hires? Dispersed workforce? Locations without HR? There are unique challenges to managing I-9 compliance that are amplified with the structure of today’s workforce. And with worksite enforcement activities on the rise, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Don’t miss this webinar on Tuesday, June 26th with I-9 experts from Equifax Workforce Solutions. We’ll [Read More…]

Are We Really at Full Employment?

The idiomatic phrase that enters in so often in economic discussions is that we are at full employment because the unemployment rate is low. While it’s true that we are at an unemployment rate that is the lowest that we’ve been in a very long time, I don’t think this statistic tells the whole story. [Read More…]

Sample Letter 227 Added to IRS Website, Closes Loop in ESRP Inquiries

Recently, the IRS added a new page to their website – Understanding Your Letter 227 – offering new samples of Letters 227. These five samples (Letters 227-J through -N) show the various responses that the IRS is using to acknowledge ESRP inquiries and provide employers with next steps regarding proposed ESRP amounts noted on the [Read More…]

2018 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference: 3 Reasons to Make a Beeline for the Equifax Booth

With June quickly approaching, the Equifax team is counting down to HCI’s 2018 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference, the go-to place for talent acquisition and recruitment strategists to optimize their TA function.  Did we mention that this year’s conference takes place in the gorgeous city of Miami, Florida? If you are attending this year’s Strategic Talent Acquisition [Read More…]

You’ll Never Look at Graduate Outcomes Insights the Same Way Again

For years, there’s been a buzz about higher education institutions improving student outcomes. And today, institutions are more accountable than ever for delivering meaningful student, and graduate outcomes insights on the value their degree and certificate programs provide to graduates and the economy. Unfortunately, reliable and longitudinal data has not been widely available, and Institutional [Read More…]

#HRSTRONGER – See you at Gulf Coast Symposium next week

Next week’s Gulf Coast Symposium 2018 event is going to be packed full of innovative, educational information!  There are so many great sessions from which to choose.  As you plan, be sure to include the insightful presentation from Equifax Matt Kaufer, VP Employment Tax Services, as he presents on the Best Practices in the Unemployment [Read More…]

Talent Acquisition: Stop saying “I think” and start saying “I know”

Recruiting is evolving, and employers are hard-pressed to beat out the competition for top talent.  In just a few days, hundreds of recruiting and talent acquisition professionals will gather in Nashville, TN at the upcoming 2018 RecruitCon Conference to talk shop about the tools and tactics they can use to help sharpen their talent acquisition [Read More…]

Do Retail Store Closures Affect How Consumers Pay Their Private Label Credit Cards?

In our changing retail landscape, many stores are closing and retail chains head into bankruptcy. Consumers who owe money on their private label credit card may wonder what it means when their local store disappears or the retail chain liquidates. Some consumers could decide not to pay their debt, either thinking “why should I pay?” [Read More…]

A Simple Way to Identify Quality Hires and Avoid the Bad Hire

Webinar: A Simple Way to Identify Quality Hires and Avoid the Bad Hire In the quest to relieve the talent squeeze, it can be difficult to quickly identify quality hires. While time spent completing candidate screening– is necessary, especially when it comes to finding the right person for the job, talent acquisition professionals are also feeling [Read More…]

It’s Tech Time! MBA’s Tech Conference & Expo is April 15-18

A lot has changed in the world since last year, but one thing hasn’t: you still need the latest innovations to automate and streamline your processes to serve your customers’ needs. And Equifax can help. Come to our booth (# 539) at MBA’s Technology Solutions Conference & Expo in Detroit  to learn how we can [Read More…]