Remote I-9 Webinar: Overcoming Compliance Obstacles to Get it Right Anywhere

Remote hires? Dispersed workforce? Locations without HR? There are unique challenges to managing I-9 compliance that are amplified with the structure of today’s workforce. And with worksite enforcement activities on the rise, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Don’t miss this webinar on Tuesday, June 26th with I-9 experts from Equifax Workforce Solutions. We’ll [Read More…]

Surprising Trends About Consumer Debt

New findings from the latest Equifax® National Consumer Credit Trends Report include: Mortgage debt now makes up a smaller portion of total consumer debt The makeup of non-mortgage debt has changed: student debt has soared, while credit card debt has decreased More Highlights from Recent Press Coverage Why store-branded credit card delinquencies hit 7-year high | [Read More…]

SHRM18 – Must Attend Sessions

SHRM18 – Chicago, June 17 – 20 The 70th SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition will be held in Chicago June 17-20. While networking with fellow HR professionals, be sure to stop by the Equifax booth, #2845. You face challenges daily and we have insightful solutions to help streamline your workload with solutions like income and [Read More…]

Don’t Let Big Data Hinder Your Business

You have a lot of customer data — housed in a lot of different locations. You’re working hard to make sense of it so you can better understand your customers and advance your business. You’ve set objectives for how to use it, hired data engineers and data scientists, and even written algorithms. So…how’s all that [Read More…]

Tackling Program Integrity in Government Services

Government agencies face two key challenges: budgets under pressure and programs have to be streamlined to fight off fraud, waste, and abuse. Fortunately, agencies now have access to data and analytics tools that can help ensure program integrity and save taxpayer money. On May 23, Government Executive Media Group hosted a webinar called “Program Integrity: Ways [Read More…]

Is This New Type of Fraud Costing You Millions?

Much of the identity fraud we hear about is based on completely fictional, made-up identities. Synthetic ID fraud is different. It’s when a fraudster pieces together bits and pieces of real identities—a date of birth from one person, a social security number from another person, and so on—to build a complete identity. This “synthetic” identity [Read More…]

Apartmentalize Conference: Your Chance to Disrupt

The National Apartment Association (NAA) Apartmentalize conference is just around the corner, and I’m excited to attend for the first time.  When I reviewed the agenda for great break-out sessions,  “Question Everything!  Multifamily Disruptors Needed” caught my attention.  The session’s description declares the need for the multifamily industry to: Step away from tradition Embrace new [Read More…]

Sample Letter 227 Added to IRS Website, Closes Loop in ESRP Inquiries

Recently, the IRS added a new page to their website – Understanding Your Letter 227 – offering new samples of Letters 227. These five samples (Letters 227-J through -N) show the various responses that the IRS is using to acknowledge ESRP inquiries and provide employers with next steps regarding proposed ESRP amounts noted on the [Read More…]

Reduce the Paperwork Burden on HR and Get a Handle on Form I-9 Compliance

Get a Handle on Your Form I-9 Compliance No matter how many employees your company has ­– from dozens to thousands – the burden on any HR department remains the same: getting your arms around all of the paperwork. Furthermore, managing Form I-9 compliance is one of the most critical aspects of onboarding. We get [Read More…]

Recession Concerns Revisited: Sky Still Not Falling

In the fall, we published a white paper exploring recession concerns: Gauging U.S. Recession Risk. At that time, we did not see any indications of a recession. Fast-forward to today, and the United States is now in the second longest economic expansion since the mid-1800s (107 months, including May). Previously, the longest expansion was from [Read More…]