Centralize Service Activation with InterConnect for Communications & Utilities

Service activation should work like a machine, but without all the gears in place, you lose functionality and efficiency. Unfortunately, with varying data from several sources and manual calculations, activation can seem more like creating and using a machine without all the necessary pieces in place. With the right services, you can centralize service activation for more efficient, accurate results and better customer service overall. InterConnect for Communications and Utilities from Equifax makes the process easier.


The more data and protocol in your service activation procedures, the greater the chance for inconsistencies mistakes and man hours gathering and calculating customer data. By using a program to centralize service activation, all of your data sources are funneled through one interface, allowing you to quickly calculate deposits, determine credit worthiness and enhance the approval process. It all adds up to better customer service and savings in time and resources.


InterConnect for Communications and Utilities does the legwork for you. You enter customer data only once, and the system then matches and gathers data from other sources and condenses it into one graphics-rich and easy-to-interpret customer interface.

You can integrate your existing interface and also use add-ons to create and change credit rules with just a few clicks of the mouse. Because the service puts all of your activation information in one place, it’s simple to navigate and results in less lost information. It also negates the need to enter information repeatedly or search separate sources.


Account activation occurs when a new customer’s experience with your utility begins. By making your first interactions pleasant, you provide a positive experience that engenders loyalty in new customers. As you centralize service activation, you streamline the customer data process seamlessly, resulting in less customer service time. Instead of hours on the phone trying to set up a new utility, your new customer can offer a few key pieces of information, and InterConnect for Communications and Utilities does the rest.


Those working in customer service and data know how a few minutes can make the difference between a happy customer and one that is impatient or even irate. Streamlined information that’s correct, up-to-date and pertinent can alert you to prime customers and those with poor credit histories that could be a risk. While it’s up to the utility to set credit rules, those customer service agents opening new accounts can now have the best intelligence to weed out risks and extend offers and new activation to the ideal accounts.

Image source: Stock.xchng