Communications and Utility Service Providers: Annual NCTUE Conference Attendees Explored Balancing Customer Expectations and Risk

The 2017 NCTUE® Annual Conference wrapped up on November 9th and a great time was had by all at this year’s event held in San Diego, CA. Founded in 1997, the NCTUE is a consortium of telecommunications, pay TV, home security and utility service providers that anonymously share consumer payment information to help its members optimize credit risk management.

Attendees gained valuable insights covering topics from credit risk to faster debt recovery

The conference theme was “Solving the Credit Conundrum,” which explored the many challenges related to balancing customer expectations and risk. Both NCTUE members and prospective members gathered to network and discuss solutions with peers and subject matter experts. Highlights of the conference included a variety of informative sessions on advanced techniques for shaping credit policies, strategies for digital customer engagement, a regulatory review from the CFPB, and an intriguing economic update presented by Gunnar Blix, Deputy Chief Economist at Equifax.

NCTUE data enables better risk assessment for more consumers

NCTUE membership offers access to valuable data on more than 200 million consumers from over 100 other service providers, enabling members to see how customers pay their utility, cable and cell phone bills. This data has proven to be highly predictive of how they’ll pay similar service providers, which helps improve consumer risk assessment, especially the assessment of consumers with thin credit files or no credit files.

Approximately 26 million consumers in the U.S. don’t have a credit file on record at the top three credit reporting agencies1. The additional layer of NCTUE data helps you better analyze the risk of this population, allowing you to expand your market to the best consumers.

To learn about NCTUE membership, check out this brief video and contact Paul Drayton, Communications & Utilities Exchange Leader at Equifax.

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