The Digital Customer Experience is Reliant upon Instilling a Sense of Security

Do customer expectations around the digital experience differ based on the type of request or transaction they are performing, such as basic banking, applying for a new account or loan, checking their balances? When posed this question during a recent webinar entitled The Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience, Hrishi Talwar, VP of Digital Identity and Mobile Products at Equifax and Maxie Schmidt, Principal Analyst at Forrester had the following to say.

Hrishi Talwar: The overall expectation from a CX perspective doesn’t differ much—it’s more around the sense of security that a consumer feels based on the action they’re are performing. So if you’re trying to view your accounts to see how much money you have versus actually trying to send some money or applying for a loan, a consumer is expecting some form of security or verification built in to an action that is considered more risky than their previous action. The overall experience does not differ that much. It’s more around the checks and the feeling of security that you provide to the consumer based on the experience that you are offering to them.

Maxie Schmidt: The overarching principles and expectations are similar, but how you design an experience in order to fulfill them is different. You might have a check or you might have a login that gives people a sense of confidence that you need in some experiences and in others you don’t need that. So the idea is that you need to figure out what are the different little things, little nudges that we can put in the environment that will make customers feel respected and valued, no matter what the experience is that we’re providing.

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