Equifax Workforce Solutions wins 2018 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Award for Pre-Employment Screening Services

Verification Exchange Canada

We are truly honoured to announce that Equifax Workforce Solutions has been chosen by the readers of  Canadian HR Reporter, a division of Thomson Reuters, as one of the best service providers in Canada supporting Pre-Employment Screening Services with our Verification Exchange solution. More than 65,000 votes were cast this year as part of the Readers’ Choice Awards voting process and the top three finishers in each category were awarded this recognition.

Verification Exchange™, which formally launched in May 2017, securely provides credentialled verifiers such as lenders, pre-employment screeners and public sector agencies, with current payroll information directly from employer or payroll providers, reducing the dependency on applicant-provided information. Similarly, employers contributing to the Verification Exchange platform are relieved of the administrative burden of manually responding to verification requests for both current and former employees. Canadian consumers also benefit from Verification Exchange as it facilitates faster and easier access to the credit and services they need.

Verification Exchange, which is largely modeled after The Work Number® verification solution from Equifax in the United States, increases access, reduces fraud and mitigates risk through the entire verification process through automated systems with built-in compliance and requisite permissions.

“This is a huge honour and endorsement of our organization from the readers of Canadian HR Reporter and speaks to the products and services we provide to employers across Canada,” stated Vanessa Giuliani, VP and Employer Services Leader for Canada Workforce Solutions. “We are delighted that our investments and collaborations in Canada have created a full suite of solutions to help meet the needs of Canada’s employers and their employees.”

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