ETS Tax intelligence: Mitigation of Overpaid SUI Tax

Overpaid SUI


There are numerous ways that employers are at risk for overpaying state unemployment insurance (“SUI”) tax. This is especially true with employers that operate in multiple taxing jurisdictions and/or have employees performing services in more than one state or jurisdiction during a calendar year.


To avoid or mitigate overpaid unemployment taxes, an employer must first identify areas of potential risk. Once identified, these risks can be quantified to determine the amount of effort, if any, that should be expended to mitigate retroactively and avoid prospectively.

Click on the image below for detail on common SUI overpayment risks for employers:








Equifax assists employers in mitigating the overpayment of SUI tax by performing a risk assessment, securing refunds, and instituting processes and procedures to avoid SUI tax overpayments altogether. Our Employment Tax Services experts can help you identify and recover overpaid taxes. Want to learn more? Click here for more employment tax tips to reduce liability and risk.