Finally, a Sales Tool That Provides Instant 24-7 Access to Reliable Auto Financing Data

Anyone who has ever been in Sales or Finance at a dealership knows the pain of the late night vehicle buyer who, hours after close, finally takes delivery of a vehicle. These deals regularily take place after lenders are closed for the day, and require vehicle delivery tools that are available anytime, day or night. Equifax offers dealers access to the power and speed of the Web to boost dealership delivery efficiency, and help get vehicles delivered quickly. Did you know you can:

  • Speed up your delivery and funding process?
  • Improve the customer experience?
  • Confidently rehash deals with your lenders?
  • Improve your contracts in transit (CIT) list?

Help deliver and fund deals faster!

Dealers operate best when they have easy access to the critical information they require to make confident on-the-spot decisions, from the first deal of the day to the last one after hours. The upgraded Equifax ePort gives dealers instant access to the multiple Equifax credit scores that lenders use, plus verification of income and employment data, fraud and compliance checks — all in one spot. Since it’s all Web-based, it is readily accessible 24-7 wherever it’s needed. “With the solutions delivered via Equifax ePort, you can quickly respond to customer inquiries, instantly access a total view of the customer, confidently answer lender questions, improve the customer experience and save valuable time getting the data you need directly from a single trusted source,” says Jennifer Reid, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Equifax Automotive.

Today’s dealers need quick and accurate decisions before delivering every vehicle, and this goes beyond the credit report and should include confidently understanding the customers employment and income situation. Equifax ePort provides an answer to this need. “This upgraded solution allows for quick employment verification and income in conjunction with our fraud and identity solutions,” says Reid. Simplicity and speed is critical for today’s dealers, and Equifax ePort simplifies the process. No more struggling to clear stipulations and subjecting customers to repeat dealer visits to drop off lender stipulations. Dealers don’t want cash flow tied up in the CIT list, waiting for customers to bring in stipulations.

Login and deliver

Dealers want fast access to relevant consumer information when they log in. Equifax ePort helps solve this problem by offering the credit scores that today’s lenders use the most, along with any derogatory information, right at the top of the report. The report uses customizable color coding to easily interpret the information – no user training needed to read! This assists dealers with making faster decisions.

Hitting the ground vs. hitting the ground running

Most dealers aren’t eager to pull their staff off the showroom floor for training. They want their teams to quickly hit the ground running with any new system. With Equifax on-the-spot training, dealership teams have access to ePort training material that can take only minutes to master. “We made Equifax ePort as intuitive as possible — just log in and go,” notes Reid. “Whether you’re talking to a lender or customer, you’ll have the information at your fingertips without going to multiple sources.”

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About Jenn Reid

Jenn joined Equifax Automotive Services from the auto lending industry, where she spent the past six years focused on both the manufacturer and indirect lending channels. She brings over 13 years of automotive experience, working for both dealerships and automotive finance companies, along with a degree in Automotive Marketing and Management from Northwood University. Jenn’s background in both the lender and dealer space allows her to understand the needs of the automotive market, and ensures our solutions are meeting client needs.